Friday, November 15, 2013

Great Grandma, Great Grandpa and Grandma Kathy come to visit

Visit from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma

and Grandma Kathy

We took Grandma Kathy to the Pacific Science Center. We had lots of fun and there is so much to do there. Here is a picture of us if we were short and fat.

Ohh us skinny, we liked this mirror

Grandma trying to do the sit and reach

Seth loves water tables

Waiting to go see the butterflies 

Kade walked in and saw a butterfly and says "thats an owl butterly" yep he was right. I have such a smart kid =)

Glad Grandma Kathy is looking at the camera

We thought these were pretty cool flowers and now I can't remember the name of them.

So these next few pictures are for Kerry. We took these for you Kerry in thoughts that you might get some ideas for dinner. Grasshopper Saute

Scrambled Honeybee Larvae

Grub Kabobs

Papue over rice

Chocolate Chirper Cookies

We couldn't figure out how to do this. So aggravating. 

The boys enjoying the bookstore. Lucky boys walked out with two new books thanks to Grandma Kathy.

It was a beautiful day when we walked out for lunch. And then the clouds came and it rained. But we did enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

We went out to dinner with everyone and at Dukes. Oh man the food was so good.

I love it when the kids are in great moods when we are out and about. They were so good at the restaurant.

Yeah for family coming to visit. Thanks Grandpa for the amazing dinner

We kind of miss dad these days. Good thing we have lots of silly pictures

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013

Grandma Paula sent the boys fun stickers to put on their pumpkins. So we got pie pumpkins to do that with. 

Hanging out at Cameron's waiting to go trick or treating.

Here they go. 

We trick or treated our neighborhood and then across 14th to Wyndam Ranch. The boys got tired and cuddled down in the stroller while we finished.

Our neighbors Kiana, Bliss, Danny and Angela.

Cute turtles! I wanted a costume that they could wear besides halloween. So here we go. I made their pants which came out super cute. The boys were happy with their costumes and so was I.

Show your muscle! haha 

Their awesome shells

I love this cute kid

So he may not have been able to see.

Oh my aren't these tow cute!

I don't remember what they were doing. Just love that they both have their mouths wide open

Special turtles

So serious

And then there were three. Too bad we didn't have one more little guy. Love that these guys are such good buddies.