Saturday, May 25, 2013

Titlow Beach and Park

For playgroups we have been going to different parks in the area. My goal last year was to check out all the parks in the area but that didn't happen so this year we are doing it. Its so fun to go to different parks and making it part of play group is even more fun. 
Looking for crabs

Kade, Alhanna, Caden, and Seth. They loved searching for crabs and other creatures.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

There are lots of cool toys at this park. Kade was trying to balance and walk across these yellow things. They lean side to side.

Seth loves the slide

The Goat Farm and Zoo

So I thought I was getting all caught up and then I found these pictures and realized I didn't blog about the Goat farm and zoo. Ashleigh found this sweet spot thats a couple blocks from home. its $5 a person which isn't but kind of pricey to go a lot. We went for playgroup and the boys loved it. I think we need to live on a farm. I mean we already have one going now.
Listening to the rules 

They had small animals inside that the kids could get in and play with. Seth was trying to pet the lamb...or grab its tail.

We got a bucket of food and were able to feed the animals

I even remembered to get in a picture

Kade loved the animals he wasn't afraid of them at all. He really liked the goats.

Seth even loved it

This picture was just for Jesse.

Some of our cute friends. Ellie the youngest and Seth are about the same age and so funny to watch at church. Seth just runs from Ellie.

I love this barn it would be perfect for pictures.

They had wallaroos and we got to pet the baby. Somehow we missed the big ones.

And then we got to go on a pony ride. Kade did awesome.

They also have a bounce house and the kids loved that. We saved it for the end and the kids really didn't want to get off.

Love this goofy face

Kade also loved the mini cow. Not sure what it is really called but he loved it. 

Trying to get the sheep

This is my favorite picture from that day. He is totally checking this little bull out. Yes I really think its time for a farm. 

The big animals came down to the fence when they realized we had food. Alpaca's horses and a few more big animals. The boys loved this place so I think we will have to go back. I love that they can go in with the animals and touch them and not be scared. We better go back before they have to change their rules.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

North West Trek

I'm getting closer to getting caught up. I'm now into May so thats something! haha oh man. So a week before Kade's birthday we headed to the Northwest Trek for one last time. Our pass ended on Kade's birthday so we wanted to hit it up one more time because we are not renewing our pass we got a different one. The trek is awesome but sometimes hard to see the animals.
We took along our friends the Nelson's. Jake and Jesse work together and Cody and Aiden are twins and a couple months older than Kade.

The wolves were out. I loved how this one was standing in the sun.

3 happy boys, one trying to put and be really grumpy

Kade not doing a very good job not laughing while Dale tickles him.

I love how this picture turned out. I think (pretty sure) this is Aiden. Crap i'm so bad.

Stop chewing your nails!

So i really like this picture and how his eyes pop out

Waiting to ride the tram to go see the big animals. We didn't see the moose but got to see bison, sheep, goats, elk, reindeer.

Kade holding onto Seth for me so he didn't fall out the window. He is such a great helper

The week old baby bison

Mama and her calf

happy rider (i think he was just hungry)

Seth was all about looking out the window.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Chambers Bay Park picture overload

One Sunday this month we went to hang out at Mike and Jill's we hadn't seen them in a long time and it was about time we hung out. The first two pictures are not from our time at Chambers bay but another park. Seth is growing up so fast. We had a great dinner at the Johnson's and then headed to Chamber's Bay because the weather was amazing!
This little man is so brave

He rode down the entire slide like this.

Mike flying our kite.

Jill and Rex

My happy Kade

Kade getting to fly the kite.

These two are so funny. They walked all around the park like this. And the sun was too bright for Rex...he truly is a northwest kid.

Seth assisting Mike. Our kites a little broken. I hope i can buy the piece to replace it.

Funny moment of the evening is when Jill's mom let go of the kite and started running after it and then Chloe started running after it. Good thing that guy was nice enough to catch it for us as it went right over him. It would have been a long run. Chloe however was very close!

These two boys are getting so big. 

Rex totally took Kade down

Kade's not giving up

Here comes Chloe kite in hand.

Dog pile and still holding that kite.

All laughs and no one got hurt.

Kade trying to get Chloe down.


Seth down by the water. He wasn't so sure of the rocks

I think this is my favorite image from the day

Chloe is brave I don't know how she can stand going in the water.

One of the best parts about this park is the trains. Its impressive how many trains go by on these tracks. The boys love to stand on the bridge and watch them go by.

Love this kid!