Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I feel like this week was crazy and then it wasn't too different we just have some congested kiddos and maybe a teething toddler. 
Monday morning I was up helping Michele swim. I have a love hate relationship with it. I love helping her and love getting in the pool and being able to work out but it's so early. But really it's good.
Later that morning Anne and I met up and took the kids to the Koza sports field and found another amazing park. It is so close to home and look at that climbing structure!
And let's talk about how big this slide is!! It's the biggest cement slide I have seen yet. And it was fast! The kids loved it
Look at how steep that thing is.
And then up top by the top of the slide they had 2 different playgrounds.
Jack loves being outside and he loves any park we go to...well I don't blame him.
He is getting a little brave as well and climbs on everything.
Al the kids playing. Kade was coughing a ton so I kept him home from school so why not go to the park and get some fresh air. He still has a nasty cough and runny nose and has passed it onto almost everyone but me.
Jack acting like a big kid.
Monday evening we had a picnic at the beach because Jesse was off. Oh man were Jack and Seth popular. These girls were so nice.
We found a rope swing.
This maybe my new favorite beach. It's quiet and calm and I'm pretty sure only locals go there. I was scoping it out for a picture site.  Kade swam for a long time in the water, this weather has been amazing. Not sure I'll ever want to leave at this rate.
This kid tries to climb everything!
And there was an amazing sunset.
We needed eggs so off we went to the egg farm/zoo
It's so fun watching Jack around animals.
He always loves these parrots
Oh and who knew it was tortoise matting season. Just incase you were wondering I'm pretty sure it is. Unknown disturbing that I took a picture huh but it was kind of funny. Those poor females.
It's so nice having Jesse back. We got a sitter and went diving. We found another nice little beach and had a nice dive.
Came home to these sickies watching a movie.
Then I had a photo shoot and there was another beautiful sunset but I kind of missed it in this picture.
Decided to pull out some scrap fabric and continue working on my scrap blanket. Slow and steady is my motto for seeing these days. This project was started over a year ago. 
And one last picture of this little boy. He thinks be is so funny and well I'm not even sure what he was doing. I do know that Seth was eating his dinner ever so slowly. It's become common for him to take over an hour to eat each meal. It's becoming a bit ridiculous. Oh wel sure do love my stubborn boy. 

Monday, November 16, 2015


Another busy week but not quite as crazy as the week before.
Some kids of a friend came and mowed my lawn and left me a message "drop off money" I want home when they mowed.

Took Grandma Kathy snorkeling for her first time and she loved it.
I think Seth may have felt a bit left out having to stay behind so he played with his mask and ran around in the rain with his mask on.
Kathy helped me finish the top of Jack's quilt
Now to quilt it and bind it
We stopped at the Fukushuen garden on our way to the airport. It was really pretty but the one in Hong Kong was better.

We played at the park across the street called Matsuyama Park. It was okay but run down.
Wednesday Anne and I went to Comprehensive Park with the kids. It's an awesome park it has this train that the kids didn't want to leave. 
Then there was this amazing castle like playground that was so fun but the boys barely played on this part. Well Jack did he kept climbing up and sliding down.

I love how it looks like a castle and has so much climbing to do on it. 

We walked over to the paddle boats but they were closed so we will have to go back. 
The kids had a blast feeding the fish. The fish were crazy!

I did Jack's photo shoot for Halloween and well the face paint wouldn't come off
Saturday the McPhersons invited us to go on an adventure. We tried to find one park but it doesn't exist anymore. So we headed to Agena Castle ruins. They had a fun little playground
It's amazing how a simple little dinosaur can be so entertaining.
These girls love Jack and dote on him and it's so cute.
We were going to try to geocache but couldn't figure out how to get to the top. I love the old walls.
Thanks Kade for the picture
They do bull fights in this arena  but the bull fights are very different from European ones. Well so I hear
We found an amazing merry-go-round. It was like a cage and it squeeked like crazy and shook. The kids loved it. I'll have to post a video.
We had such a busy day that we had a movie and pizza night and this is how I found the boys. So precious.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

11/2-11/8 fun with Grandma Kathy

Checked out another fun park. This is called Manta Park and the cement slide was really fast. The only bummer was the roller slide was closed off.

Jack is every where these days. He has to climb on everything.
Seth posing infront of the playground.

Jack loves slides.
Seth found some really fun climbing areas.
We went out to eat at Kinpa Gimpa and had some really good Okinawan food.
We also went up to the Yomitan pottery village and walked around. They had glass blowing area. It's always fun to watch those guys work.
There are also a lot of potter studios I think about 40 in the little village. We maybe saw 10. The village is cute it's pretty much like a neighborhood with little pottery studios at each house.
Grandma and Seth being goofy.
Another day we went to Ryuku Mura. We got to watch some traditional dances and our favorite was the Shisa.
Seth hid out behind the tree most of the time.
We also walked around the grounds and checked out the old houses.
Seth especially liked watching the water buffalo turn the big wheels to the sugar press. We said the word sugar and he was hooked.
More silliness
Jack is one busy boy. This week he has figured out how to climb up Kades ladder to his bed. Not safe dude.
We took grandma Kathy to the big roller slide park and had a great time. She is a fan.
Then we went to dinner and finished the night at Blue Seal for ice cream. We tried 4 different flavors. Ube is the purple, chocolate swirl, apple pie, and one other crazy name I can't remember. They were all pretty good.

With Gma being here I was able to volunteer in Kade's class. I really like his teacher and had a great time helping out.
Grandma reading stories she does the best voices.
Friday Kade didn't have school so we went up to the aquarium. We love the shark tank.

The big tank is always fun.
Saturday we had soccer and it's hard being the coach I can never take pictures. Then we went to a work party for the wives. It was a fun get together with a bounce house included. 

It was a fun busy week with Grandma Kathy and we just have a few days left before she goes home.