Saturday, September 21, 2013

Doing the Puyallup

We went to the fair with Pam and she had tickets for the Rodeo. It was great

We love Pam

Front row seats.

We walked around and saw the animals. I just noticed Kade's awesome pants. He did get lots of compliments on his duck boots.

They have a little petting zoo that the boys LOVE. Seth is a big fan of the goats, okay really every animal

Saying hi to the strange farm animals. 
Kade started soccer and well lets just say its a day by day event. He has his hands in his pockets a lot in practice. 3 & 4 year old soccer is super funny. I really like his coach he is great with the kids.

Sometimes we just like to be a grump

We also tried kinder swim lessons. I liked it but wasn't loving it. I would like it much better if it was private lessons. the boys seemed to enjoy it. I'm still deciding

even Seth gets to do lessons. I might try a different instructor

Dad came home and we got to go to the fair again. The boys loved riding the tractors

We got Kade a wristband so he could ride on the rides and he was so excited. He wanted to ride them all day long it was awesome. 

This kid was super happy driving his fake car!

We waited for this ride and then Kade had to pee right before he could get on. Then we waited again and he decided he didn't want to do it. 3rd time is a charm and he actually rode it and loved it.

Yes we got cotton candy and the boys loved it!. It was huge!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Phone pics

Have I mentioned that I love my peaches. 

Funny faces to send to dad

Erin came to visit it was lots of fun. On a friday we dropped the kids off at day care and headed up to the temple. It was great.

I love my sunflower and the bees loved it too

Some of the first veggies from my garden. Now my neighbors are enjoying them while we are out of town.

We went blueberry picking and it was great.

It was very over grown and Erin looked like she was lost in them

Me and my cute boy

Seth was loving it. He just walked around picked berries green or purple and was happy as could be.

These boys love blue berries

Erin's bucket on the left mine on the right. I had more.

Then someone got grumpy, we were done but man look at how many sticks he collected

Seth working on his skills while we wait for Kade in gymnastics. Its awesome they have a shelf full of buckets of kid toys for kids that are waiting for their siblings. its great

Bostyn is huge and lays pretty dark brown eggs

Brownie is laying beautiful blue/green eggs. And these are our only 2 ladies left. Embree died.
Lots more pictures as soon as i get home and edit pictures