Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A bit of November

Wrestling in the evenings is very common.

The boys are living it up at Ken and Pam's. Kade acting as the king in Pam's bed watching cartoons. Can we say SPOILED!

Jack thinks Pam is pretty great.

Seth doesn't sit still ever

Swimming with Libby!

We had Thanksgiving at our house. It was fun but pretty chill. We had a few friends and their kids over, and the food was so good. This picture totally cracks me up, all the boys watching something on Jesse's phone

Oh Kade I love you

Grandma Kathy gave the boys a lego turkey. Yep one of the only pics I took Thanksgiving day.

This chunk is 2 months old. He weighed in at 14.6lbs

mom take a picture of me

Seth looks so tall here, I know totally blurry

such a ham

Jack has such poofy hair its amazing

Swimming with Libby again

Legos!!  I found a great deal so Christmas came a little early. Boys are in heaven

My Auntie Lisa sent the boys matching jammies and Jack can finally fit his so we had to take some pictures. It was not an easy picture to get thats for sure.

I had to bribe them with candy for one more so at least we got a good picture.

Well the movers are here so thats why i'm posting because I can't do anything but i have to be here so Jack Jack and I are just hanging out. Our movers are awesome I have been very impressed and they seem to be doing a great job.

I love his little sad face. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

A few more pics

There was cotton candy at the Halloween party

Our Pirate family. haha look at our little pirate

We got some frozen yogurt with Grandma Kathy. Its so yummy

The Yetti

I tried to take pictures of the boys for passport pictures....Haha yeah

3 boys in a tub. I'm still amazed at how successful it was.

More pictures from Casper Baby Pants

Seth and Libby are so cute they love holding hands...future couple??


Kade wanted to take a picture of me and Jack. And look my house is still clean! (well was,...haha)