Friday, March 24, 2017

Krabi Thailand Day 2 and 3

Our second day we spent the entire time at the pool and I just took pictures with my phone so they will be added later if I get to it. But on our third day in Krabi we got on a boat and went to Hong Island. We had read good stuff about it and instead of island hopping we figured it would be more relaxing and fun to just hang out on one beach. And it was great. 

Jack was so excited to see other boats. 

My toothless boy

I wish i could have captured this better but it looked so cool. The sheer cliffs are just amazing. I think I'll have to go back someday. 

Love these boys

The front of the boat

We got to the beach early and there were only 2 other couples there. It was so fun to have our own private little beach. 

Jack gets so distracted. I loved how small he looks with the cliffs in the background

Figuring out where a good spot would be to hang out for the day

This was such a nice little cove. With really soft sand

We did our duty and built some sandmen. Top was mine and Kade's

This was Jesse's sad sandman....why was he sad on the beach

And then the sand war begun

By noon the beach was full of people which was annoying but fun to watch tourists. The guy who is starting to get up and the girl sitting down on the sand must have taken a thousand plus photos. It was hilarious

No clue what goes on in Seth's mind. He is always creating and imagining stuff. More than likely he is throwing more sand.  
A perfect nature made swing

Have I mentioned that Seth Seth loves to climb trees? 

We set up for the day next to this fallen down tree and Seth spent a good amount of time climbing and playing in it. 

Jesse enjoying his private lagoon.  

I asked a lady to take a family picture for us and then found out she was Brazilian which was fun and we ended up chatting in Portugues for awhile. Mine is pretty bad but hey I can still speak and understand as long as people speak slowly. 

Trying a jumping picture...not easy but funny results

After we spent the day at the beach we got back on our boat and went to this cove/lagoon. Not sure what to call it but it was so pretty totally surrounded by cliff walls and only an entrance from the ocean in a boat. 

It was gorgeous

I love how you can really tell how big the cliffs are when the boats are in the water.

Happy tired boys

Going in and out 

 It was an amazing trip. A lot different from any of our other trips where we run around seeing lots of stuff. We took it slow and enjoyed the water a lot. We all loved it and Kade keeps asking when we can go back.