Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chiang Mai Thailand Day 1

Finally trying to get the blog caught up. So back to when we went to Thailand! This was our first full day in Chiang Mai. We had different plans the first day but with it raining we changed plans and ended up going to the Tiger Kingdom and got to pet tigers. That was pretty cool. Kade was a little nervous and Jack and Seth were too young so they just watched. 

I just loved how this lady had all their attention and then look how green everything is!!

Of course they had to put their hands in the nose

Jack tries so hard to be like the big boys.

A little Christmas spirit

Next we went to the Elephant poop paper place. They had lots of poop to lead the way. The boys of course that it was the best.

What is it with boys and poop?

Everything was so green!

We learned all about how they make the Elephant poop paper and learned the difference between different types of poop.

The poop is first dried out

then they boil it 

after it boils for a time they then have a bath process you can see the drums in this picture

Once its boiled then its dried again and becomes al these fibers. 

They just wanted to play in it. 

Here it is after it has been dyed. They then mix it with recycled paper and put it into another machine.

then you take the colored ball and a tray and put it in the water and spread it out into a sheet

The boys had a lot of fun with this process

Here is their sheet of paper

Its then carried out to dry in the sun (umm yeah there was no sun when we were there but it still is put out to dry)

The boys then got to peel off an already dried piece of paper.

The colors of the paper were so vibrant. I loved how they had them all setting out. I know I didn't get the whole process down or maybe not even in the right order but we had lots of fun. We then went to one of the little huts and made journals. 

Our hotel had a pool that was freezing! and green but the boys still wanted to play. Poor Seth got pushed in and panicked because he forgot he knows how to swim.

Jack and Jesse just decided the water was too cold and just hung out.

Oh Seth you give us this look too much. This is what happens after you have been pushed in and are now cold.

First day was a success and we all had a good time. 

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