Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thailand Krabi- Day 1

When we went down to Krabi our first full day we got on a boat and headed out to Phra Nang Beach/Cave. 

The boats there are so fun looking and our weather there was okay lots of clouds and rain but that didn't stop us.

Searching for treasures

Jaack is a daddy's boy 100%

waiting for our boat

The views from boat were amazing! The sheer cliffs are so impressive

The colors are also very amazing

The boys loved the boat ride

there were also a ton of stalactites and stalagmites

We hung out at the beach and swam in the crystal clear water

Here is the view of the beach we hung out. 

The beach had monkeys on it that were not scared of people or stealing their stuff

I took a picture first instead of trying to scare them away... oops. They had guys walking around with sling shots to move the monkeys away from the beach. 

This child swam the whole time

Working on his hand stands

ohh a picture of my little monkey

Things are so not the same when in a foreign country

so many wooden penises it was so odd

Seth can never go anywhere without finding a treasure he just can't leave. It was a coconut this day.

Love that we can take fun family adventures

Watching the monkeys and trying to get them. One did come up to Jesse and try to grab him. 

More little fish

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Paula Farrar said...

I agree the cliffs are amazing, must have been a lot of "awe" moments. I remember when they did survivor in Thailand, wonder if they were there! I would be like Kade, in the water most of the time! What is he going to do when he isn't around that warm water? you might have to stay there.
Love the shot of the boys, Jack and his scar, probably one of many! they are getting so big, hurry up and come visit will ya!