Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here we go!!

Its go time!!! I was going to try to post about my quilt but that will just have to wait until another day.  I think there will be better pictures to post before then anyways.  So here we go!!! Wish us luck and I'm sure most of you will get a pictures soon. Talk to you all soon

Saturday, February 25, 2012

39 weeks

Kade's faces always make me laugh.  He is always doing silly things with his eyes. Then I look at some of these pictures and I go oh hmm thats where he gets it!  Especially the last picture!  So less than a week to go now.  I only have 3 days left (well according to our due date!) I think I'm finally ready, the quilt isn't done but thats about the only project I have left to do and so maybe it will get done.  I'll have to take pictures of some of the stuff we have gotten done, its so nice having Jesse back!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Daddy's home and the Seattle aquarium

Daddy came home and I have one happy little boy.  Jesse took a nap and Kade sat next to him saying Daddy like 10,000 times. 

So excited to have Dad home!

We had a great family day on Saturday and went up to Seattle.  We were going to the UVU womens basketball game and decided to go up and play early.  We took Kade to the aquarium and it was nuts.  It was super busy but Kade loved it.  He wouldn't touch the tide pools he tried but I guess the water was too cold.

I love jelly fish.  I'm pretty sure I could watch them all day.

My boys checking out the fish

Kade loves fish

This guy was pretty funny looking. 

I just liked this guy and he happened to swim across my frame.

When you walk outside there is a part that there ar fish above you.  It looks so cool.

I'm not sure what this guy is but I love him.  He was jumping up and down along the side of the tank. I wish I could have watched him longer

Snack time watching the sharks.

Back to the jelly fish.  The jelly fish display was so cool. It was a big circle and you could stand in the middle. There were lights that changed color and so the jelly fish changed color.

We went to lunch at the crab pot.  I think we were the only ones there who didn't order crab.  We decided we would go back without Kade and eat crab.  Kade does awesome when we go out to eat especially now that he is old enough to use crayons.  Our food was so good.  Then we walked around a little inside and found a carousel.  Kade loved it.

Ignore my ridiculous face.

It was actually a really long ride so that was fun. 

After freezing down by the water we headed up to REI and walked around.  Kade just wanted to run around and was tired and cranky.  Jesse mentioned how tiring it was chasing him around (that was just when I went to the bathroom).  We then went to the basketball game, they lost by a lot but we were able to see Cathy and it was so much fun.  We wnet and got dinner with the team and headed back to the hotel where the team was staying to hang out with Cathy.  Kade had a super quick nap in the car and then was happy while at the hotel.  He loved pushing the elevator buttons.  It was so great to see Cathy and have a family day. Now we are just waiting for baby boy to join us now that his daddy is home.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


So this picture is funny right.  I mean look at that stomach! He is so funny and loves his bath.  I stuck him on the counter after his bath to put lotion on and his was being a nut.  This wan an attempt to send grandpa and aunts a quick pictures and since its so cute I decided to post it.  Love this boy can't believe he is about to be a big brother.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Melanie is Awesome

Melanie is so great and made me some cute hats for photo shoots.  I had the chance to use them this last week when I had a photo shoot with baby Bella.  Thanks a million Melanie everyone loves them!

You can see more pictures on my photography blog.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Samoa Bars

Can't believe I forgot to add this picture with the last post.  Kind of hard to drive with your eyes closed bud.

So yesterday and today have been a bit long.  I have put myself on bedrest after church yesterday because I was having contractions.  This baby can't come until after Thursday!  At church yesterday I was hurting pretty bad and got scared that I would be going into labor.  I came home and laid on the couch and then felt better.  Today I have made the point to stay home and down.  Well down is a little hard but I did pretty good. Jill and the kids came over and hung out all day.  Thanks Jill for helping me do laundry and mopping my floor and just hanging out all day.  We made pizza for dinner and it was super good.  Then we made these and tehy are amazing!  Go make them !
Pinned Image
Kade went pee in the toilet today!  I know everyone else is so excited right! haha I just want to document it somewhere since I'm so bad at writing in my journal.  He has been really good at telling me when he needs to poop but we haven't made it in the toilet again.  Not that 'm rushing and moving super fast these days because I'm not. Well life is good I'll keep you posted on this whole baby thing.

Friday, February 10, 2012

37 weeks and the jeep

37 weeks this week.  Where is the time going??  I think I need more iron so my goal is to eat more iron spinach here I come. 

I love Kade's faces. He was so excited to stand on the stool and hold the sign.

If you didn't know Kade has been really into jumping.  He likes to stand on the bottom step and jump off.  He thinks he is so cool.

Waiting for me to take his picture.

Today his eyes are so blue!

When we got home today I let Kade play in Jesse's jeep.  He loves to drive it.

The weather hasn't been horrible.  It was raining a little bit this morning but then the sun came out with some beautiful clouds. 

happy happy boy,

The horn is loud when you honk it.  This is Kade's reaction. and then he proceeded to do it 3 more times.  Sorry neighbors!

We are going someplace serious.  He may have said the pool, but not sure.  I love sticking him in the jeep because he is contained...hehe He really does love it. The more Kade loves the jeep the more Jesse wants to keep it.  Not sure if we will ever get rid of the jeep.