Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ensign Ranch

This weekend we were able to spend the night at Ensign Ranch which is a church based camp. The church owns and runs the Ranch just up over the mountains in Cle Elum. We went up because I was asked to teach 2 photography classes on Saturday for the single adults conference. There was so much to do it was amazing. The only bummer is we couldn't do it all and the weather wasn't great. It was rainy and chilly and windy. We still had a good time and our boys are awesome campers.
My happy camper. This kid loves to be outside. Even happier with his glow sticks.

Jesse pointed this dead mouse out to Seth and Seth wouldn't leave it alone. I'm just glad he didn't pick it up and try playing with it.

We got to stay in this canvas tent which was super fun. It was on a wood platform and was nice and warm. It was also really nice not having to set up our tent.

Kade loves his moondoggies sweatshirt. I hope all the stains come out of it.

What they are both looking at the camera???!! One of these is going on the wall.

Fishing with Dad. Kade caught one fish and was so excited.

The boys also got to go on a parent lead horse ride. Seth loved it. He wasn't so happy when he had to get off.

One of the ladies asked Kade if he could ride with his hands up in the air and then behind his back. He was very excited he could. 

Kade and Jesse out fishing in the canoe. Jesse caught one too.

Our proud fisherman. Tonight we had them for dinner and he claimed he didn't like the fish....he ended up eating it after a lot of debate.

There was also this fun water slide and once the sun came out Kade totally wanted to go on the slide. He had a blast even if it was chilly.

He is becoming my water baby and I love it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

August in cell phone pics

It was super hot like in the 90's so we went to the sound. One to play in the water but really to be there while Jesse dove. Yes I got in the water at the Sound that might be a first actually. We went to Sunnyside beach and the boys had a blast. The boys love their water guns

Scuba Jesse and Kade having a serious talk. Kade was probably asking 1000 questions

Mike and Jill and Fam joined us for some fun

Love these boys can't believe we are adding two more boys to the bunch. Poor Chloe is the odd one out. Good thing she can hold her own.

Mike was awesome and took the boys out in the kayak that he made. The boys loved it.

The sunset was gorgeous

Jesse with his proud red rock crab. We didn't know what to do with them so we ate crab at 10:30 at night. those suckers are a lot of work to eat.

My friend gave me these iron on vinyls so i added them to some onsies. Figured why not. I think they turned out super cute.

Going on a walk for the watermelon photo shoot. Kade said his wagon was heavy. He is such a good helper

This kid.... so I told him to stop and not go into the street. Well he didn't stop and he didn't go into the street. He ran down the sidewalk over to the gravel and crossed over the gravel to the other side. With a big huge smile on his face the entire time. He is such a smartie....oh i'm in trouble.

Thanks to Uncle Andy, Davin and Alec Kade has become a huge huge fan of star wars. We borrowed the whole collection from a friend and Kade gets to stay up every once in awhile to watch a movie.

Jesse went crabbing again this time at Solo Point so the boys and I joined in the fun with a little picnic and beach time.

We went early enough that we came home I took a nap and Jesse got the crab ready to make crab cakes. They turned out really well.

This summer has been filled with days at American Lake. Its almost as good as the beach well for kids this age I think it is. They swim around and play in the sand and life is great. 

Kade finished swim lessons and we got slurppies. He did such a great job and now is a pretty decent little swimmer for his first summer. I hope to do a few more lessons this fall. Best of all he really likes it

We picked a ton of berries at Susan's house. They were huge and delicious

More vinyl for my wall this time. If the pictures ever get up i'll be happy

Last Sunday we went on a little stroll across the street to the pond where we went in search for frogs. We saw lots as they jumped into the water.

Kassie, Anna and I ended up going on a 10 mile hike...oops that wasn't really the plan but it was fun and we were tired but we made it.

I had a photo shoot at Alder Lake so the boys came with me and fished of course. Kade loves to fish, even if he doesn't catch anything.

My dinner one night. We have so many tomatoes we have to eat them and they are super yummy. Nothing better than mozzarella cheese, basil, tomato, and balsamic vinegar.  That made me miss the cherry chubbs for sure.

Last night Jesse had to run to work for something so we tagged a long. We then went to our little spot on base where we like to pick berries. The weather was beyond perfect. I really love the summers here. I feel we are running out of time fast. I'm not ready for the fall

He is such a good berry picker

If we would have let him he would have kept going the other way shooting everything in site with his little stick gun.

I finally made a growth ruler, which has been on my to do list for at least a year.  Thanks to Kathy this has been the summer of getting the list done. Only a few more and I maybe able to do it before the baby comes.

Jesse's been working on his jeep so Kade decided he needed to fix his jeep. He even got buckets to hold up the jeep so he could crawl underneath. He had tools under there and was making Seth hand it to him, when seth wasn't in the jeep.

Jesse and Kade before their back packing adventure. They drove up to Longmire on Mt Rainer and did a total of 15 miles in 3 days. It was 5 miles to the campsite and then while they were there they hiked to a lake that was 2.5 miles away so Kade put in some miles. I'm so proud of my little hiker. Best thing is he loved it.

He had to wear his awesome glasses and he carried his snacks and clothes in his super cool Army backpack

I gave Kade the camera and asked him to take lots of pictures. Jesse was refusing but how could we not take pictures of his first backpacking trip. Good job Kade.

Their view of Mt Rainer

They weren't allowed to have campfires but used the jet boil. Oh man he is just too cute.

They slept in hammocks. 

Kade must of been proud of his bed since there is a picture of it. He even was lucky enough to get a new sleeping bag for the adventure.

They caught some tiny trout at Goat Lake

Kade cast, caught, and reeled this fish in all by himself. He was so proud and yes this picture will be framed up on the wall.

Goat Lake