Saturday, May 23, 2015

Iriomote Part 2

We rented a car for the day. It was a tiny red car but was perfect.
We drove down to the south and walked the beach down there. More pics to come they are on the real camera.
The island was beautiful so green and lush. There are ably about 2000 people on the island and to be honest it felt like a lot less. It was so quiet.
We ate lunch by this river 
We ate at the same restaurant Inabi and again it was so good. Kade is such a nut.
Hanging out with the goat again
This is the beach outside our hotel. It was the most amazing sand. So fine and soft nothing like here in Okinawa.

Jack was pretty cranky and refused to nap. 
I got to go diving all by myself. It was amazing we didn't even go out very far. It was just me and the guide. It wa so peaceful. Diving is so addicting I can't wait to go again.

All to myself

Our last full day we spent at the hotel since it rained almost the whole day. Jack is looking so tan these days and so blonde.
We wanted to ride bikes but it was raining.
We found another great restaurant and they asked if we wanted wine or beer. We said no and Kade was like I want some. We all had a good laugh and then the owner brought out his fake beer and gave it to Kade it was so funny Kade didn't know what to do.
We had the most amazing dinner it started with a seafood salad which was great. Doesn't Seth look thrilled?!
This dish was excellent. It was eggs, rice, and tomato sauce.
Then two beef meals. Jesse's was steak mine was like a hamburger. Both were excellent.
This is the family that owns the restaurant. They were so sweet they even  picked us up from the hotel and took us back.
Their little restaurant 
This was our room. Two single beds and s fun day bed for the boys.
Saying goodbye as it was pouring rain
Waiting for the ferry
On the ferry 
Kade watching the gps as we travelled 
We got ice cream at the airport. It tasted amazing

The mint ice cream had real mint leaves it was amazing.
Waiting for our plane. Overall it was a fun trip and we can't wait to go back without kids.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Iriomote part 1

Well we had 5 days of vacation. Pretty sure I had every emotion on this trip. It was fun, frustrating, happy, mad you get the idea. I think that's what happens when you travel with young kids. To get to Iriomote we took a short plane ride to Ishigaki 
Jack was a star the entire time. We met this cute family from Tawaiin. The girl in the corner spoke really good English so we chatted while we waited for our plane.
Boys on the plane. Kade was upset about something now I can't remember why.
We had a nice easy flight 
These two took a nap
Had to do some serious reading. The flight attendants brought the boys kids books to look at. It was awesome.
We landed and then took a bus to the ferry port.
We had some time before our ferry so we  got lunch
Yeah for Soba. It's so good
Then we rode on the ferry it was a 35 min ride. And we sat in the back and it was so loud. The couple in the back were so sweet. Seriously all the Asians we have met are so nice.
The water is so amaIngly beautiful 
We made it to the hotel it was fancy I mean look at this statue.
We had a nice pool. I think that was the highlight of the whole thing.
Jack enjoying the water. Yes with a paci we was a little cranky.
After we checked in we headed right for the pool. The boys loved it.
Yes I did get in after I took a few pictures
Seth is getting more comfortable in the water
Jack had a good time too. Look at that smile what's not to love.
Time to get out.....
Yeah neither one of them wanted to get out
The front of the hotel
Our second day after a good hike to a waterfall we walked down the road to Kitchen Inabi. The boys thought it wa so fun to sit on these fish
They are such goods
Big eyes
I got the pork tempura it was sooo good.
Seth got chicken teriyaki 
Kade got a hamburger 
Jesse got the wild boar
We got to eat in the Japenese room which was awesome. Jack just got crawl around. The boys are making a wall so Jack didn't fall down the step.
Outside the restaurant there was a goat. The boys had so much fun petting the goat 
The goats name is Tomato