Friday, February 28, 2014

Christmas number 1

 We had Christmas early with my mom brother and sisters. The boys loved it and had a ton of fun. I didn't take very many pictures. Hardly any at all. Christmas is busy with 2 kids.
Seth digging into his stocking that I finished right before Christmas

Kade got a LeapPad2 from Grandma Paula and he loves it. He asks to play it everyday. I love that it has learning games on it as well as fun games.

Stocking stuffers

I love how Seth is looking at Mark. Totally cracks me up.

A little to early for pictures?

We made a calender for GG. She loved it.

Mark and Seth playing with Marks new Frisbee. 

We had to say good bye to Erin. This picture totally cracks me up

SLO 1st ward had a Christmas Party and Santa was there. Wow my boys needed a hair cut!

Seth loving the christmas bear

We went to Cambria Pines Lodge to see the lights. They were awesome and I'm so glad we went.
Oh man do you know how many times Hailey tried to take this picture. Way to many maybe 10?

There were pathways that were covered in lights. Thousands of lights it was amazing. 
The cool waterfall and stream made out of lights

We played Qwirkle and these two  make it look like the most boring game. I promise it was fun but they were just concentrating really hard.

Stupid phone that doesn't have a flash. Can't wait until I can get an upgrade

It is hard to get a picture of these tow. Even worse with a super slow phone. I should have just grabbed my big camera.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pics from the pearsons

This kid and his him

Grandma and Grandpa got a new yellow swing and its higher than the blue swing so Kade thinks its his (sorry all other cousins) He spent many hours in this swing over our trip

Seth decided he no longer needed the baby swing and loved the blue swing

How and when did he get so big, I can't believe he will be 2 next week

Papa Charlie and Kade played a game on the swing where Papa would try to get Kade. It was hilarious and they all had a great time

Flying high

Even Seth wanted to go high. All smiles

I think the persimmon tree is so pretty when all the leaves are gone and just the fruit remains. It looks perfectly decorated during Christmas.

Now lets talk about Seth and persimmons. He LOVES them. Every morning Charlie would pick some for Daisy then throw some down for Jasper. Well I don't think Jasper ever got any. Seth would go out after breakfast find the persimmons and then proceed to walk around the rest of his time in the yard eating them. I have no idea how many he ate but a ton. Sometimes he would even share with Jasper.

A persimmon and a boom boom. Life couldn't be better

Oh these two kill me. I asked them to give each other a hug....I don't even know what to think

Seth trying to copy Kade. Totally cracks me up

Whats up with Kades tongue? and his pocket and his shirt that always folds up? Good thing we weren't going out like that.
This boy drives me crazy and I love him to death. He is totally my emotional stubborn child.

And he is so stinkin cute

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I was going to have this all in order and it was going to be perfect but now that sounds like a lot of work. Pretty much the first pictures are from my canon and the last pictures are from the point and shoot. So here Are pictures from our wonderful trip that could only happen thanks to the grandparents.
This was our ferry from the island we landed on the plane in to Boracay. 

We got to sport these awesome orange life jackets. Don't you love the collar?

I love the simplicity of everything. Being in the Philppines really reminded me of Brazil and made me miss my mission a ton.

In boracay this the mode of motor transportation. How many people can you fit on a tricycle?

We arrived at our bed and breakfast a little early and our room wasn't ready so we got to relax and drink pineapple juice. It was perfectly warm.

The patio area of our bed and breakfast. It had this fancy looking pool but it was really cold. Well I thought so at least Jesse got in. Our room is the top window and it was fantastic

The view from the patio
Our room
We got to watch kite boarders all morning while we ate. Some of those guys could jump super high it was amazing. it looks really hard but man so fun to watch. The amazing part was the water they are in is maybe a foot.

Fancy wrapped towels

So now we jump to day 3 where we got a boat and went snorkeling. The fish pictures are on Jesse's computer. So we snorkeled and then went to Puka Beach. It was really pretty. The water was such an amazing color

Jesse writing in the sand

we took a little swim, yes i did get in this warm water

The sand was pretty course. Lots of broken up coral and shells

The boat that we took to snorkle 
The bed and breakfast we stayed in

We were up on the side of the mountain and we had these steps to walk down to the beach and then into town.

The kites look like a ton trash flying around in the air. But they were so cool in person

Part of our walk into town

This beach was on the other side of the island, I guess it would be the west side, its the side that doesn't get slammed by the pacific ocean. It was completely different. It was calm didn't have nearly as much trash on the beach. This is the side where most tourists stay and get drunk.

A beautiful sunset

I love this picture. It was a beautiful evening

Jesse setting up our paddle boarding adventure for the next day

We got boba tea one night.

These lobsters were HUGE. and the color is so cool. We saw a few when we dove.

Our bed and breakfast is up on that hill, the one all the way to the left with the palm roof.
Okay now we are back to the beginning with the point and shoot camera. My plane from China to Manila, I got to walk on the ground outside in China. Does that count as having been there?

After I landed we checked into the hotel and then walked across the street to the mall and had this awful meal. The whole thing was gross it was really disappointing.

So we had to go and get ice cream. The ice cream was super good. After that we went back to the hotel and I passed out at 6. I was so tired.

The next morning we caught a flight to Boracay. So We had been listening to this super obnoxious cd of veggie tales in the pearsons car while we were there. Thanks Kerry..not. So there is a song about a cebu. I dont' think i had ever heard that word and then we just happen to fly on the Cebu airline...really. Then i couldn't get that song out of my mind.

No idea which island that is

On the plane. Its fun sitting next to your husband on a flight and not kids or strangers

Jesse in our tricycle in Boracay

Back at our hotel on the way down to the beach. Our first day there we walked into town.I loved how green and warm it was.

Every time we came and went we had to go through the gate. It wasn't super easy to open especially at night in the dark.

1st full day in Boracay. We went Scuba diving. My first time ever!. The beach was so peaceful at this time of the morning

Ready to go

We got to take a walk around some of the island and wandered through the residential area. I think this is actually someones house.

I wish I had my big camera this night. The sunset was spectacular

Selfies the only way to go when you are on vacation

Our breakfast at the bed and breakfast was amazing. Not sure if it was because I was really hungry or what. It was funny to get hotdogs and tomatoes but it was fun. and their bed was so good and the fruit was my favorite

Isn't he so handsome

Our last day in Boracay we got to go paddle boarding. It was hard, the current was pulling us out and there was some wind. Jesse fell a lot, I only fell once. But then I would just get on my knees so i didn't fall in 

More from our walk into town.

On our way back to Manila.

When we went to Manila we stayed at the Marriot. It was by far the fanciest hotel I've ever stayed  in. Our name was on the tv screen when we got to our room.

And I guess I will end with a picture of our awesome shower room. Why don't americans do this? It would be so smart. Bathtub in the shower so if kids splash it can just go down the drain.
It was an awesome trip. Thanks to those who took care of our boys so we could have such a wonderful trip.