Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 2 in Thailand

I'm starting with day 2 because the pictures are easier to get to and it was our favorite day. We went to the Thai Elephant home and spent a day with elephants. To win their love you bring them bananas. 
I love this picture!!

This is the group we spent the day with and of course Jack was a favorite

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Seth's elephant wanted those bananas and didn't want to wait

Seth was a little nervous

Jack was totally into it

They use Jack to help demonstrate how to get on an elephant

Kade trying to get on his little elephant. We loved his blonde hair. 

We walked along a trail all in line

Getting elephant kisses

I love how Kade is missing his front teeth

too cool

oh man so funny 

We also got to bathe the elephants in mud. This is very nice black mud thats really special.

Kade was having the time of his life

I should hang this picture. After lunch and giving the elephants a mud bath we walked them down to the river and played in the water with the elephants.

 These next few pictures are kind of out of order because they are from my camera.
a little dirty after an elephant kiss
Jesse and Jack rode together
Elephant breathe is stinky and warm. Our elephant wanted more bananas and kept lifting his trunk for more and if we didn't give him more he would just blow on us. Amazingling it wasn't too stinky.
Riding across the river
Trying to help Kade wash up
So much fun
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Seth on the elephant with me. 

This was an amazing experience and riding on the back of an elephant really isn't that comfortable. Riding by his neck was much better. I was a tad bit sore for a few days.