Sunday, March 2, 2014

The end of the February

We are back at gymnastics. Kade trying to be brave on the balance beam
Seth loves to jump. So glad we get to do gymnastics every week. So nice when the weather is bad.

We went to the museum of flight on our way up to visit Cathy. Right after we walked in the door this guy dressed up as an astronaut walked by and we got to take a picture

Boys had a great time playing in the kids area.

Its not easy getting the boys to look at the camera

Testing out this fighter jet

I took Kade to the UVU womens basketball game and it was so fun to watch Kade watch the game. Everytime we got the ball he would tap my back and say we got the ball we got the ball. The game was late but Kade stayed up and did great.
Dinner was popcorn and a hotdog
A guy from our ward Rick who I'm trying to hook up with Cathy came with us. It was fun to go to the game with him because he knows a lot more about basketball then i do. He is our women's couch for church ball. Look at the box of chocolates he got the team? I love Kade in this picture
We went out to dinner with Ken and Pam to Golden Coral or something like that. It was buffet Style and the boys loved it.

He may just like his ice cream a little
I have been playing women's basketball for our stake. Its pretty fun each ward has their own team. I'm getting better and better until i jammed my  finger pretty bad.

Sometimes we just need to go and get ice cream
Kade loves this shirt that Erin gave him. He walks around with his hands in his pockets and tries to do everything with his hands in those pockets
Seth was so cute playing in his room the other night
It has been pouring here and raining a ton. And I mean pouring. I haven't seen water in the drainage ditch ever and this year there was a ton. this was just the beginning there was at least a foot of water throughout the whole thing.
Erin gave Kade this worm kit. Its pretty funny to make these. It was a pretty cool experiment. Depending on how much blue goo you put in depends on how big or small the worms came out.
Kade loved it
This kid cracks me up. He has been running around with out pants a lot these days. We are taking potty training slow. So far its been pretty good.
We had a play date at the pool and it was ridiculous we had to get out of the pool 3 times so they could count how many people were in the pool. They only allowed 22. We learned to not go on a holiday or school out day again. But we had lots of fun.
Playing at a park while it wasn't pouring

The Ernie sweatshirt is a very popular sweatshirt in the Pearson household. Jesse and at least 3 of his sisters wore it. Then the sweatshirt got so worn out Kathy cut Ernie off and then sewed him onto a new sweatshirt and Seth is now the 3rd grand kid to wear it.
Laudry took over my life for a few days.  It was at least 6 loads.
Found some coloring sheets Dri gave Kade about 2 years ago. He was super cute spreading them all out and coloring
Seth can now sport Melanie's sweater. I think she put the s button on there just for him, even if it was about 3 years early. Everyone at church loved the sweater. Melanie if you ever need to experiment and make another one. We will glady take it and use it. As we know its cold here most of the time.
We got to go to a family retreat on Tuesday night. The kids got to go play at Charlie Safari which has a ton of bounce toys and this huge climbing structure. Us moms got to go down the way and have dinner at the Rock. I left the dinner earlier than most of the other moms and went and played with the boys. We had a great time.

The boys with their friends Aiden and Cody and some other little boy named Logan. They had a ton of fun.

The pictures aren't the best because the lighting was horrible. But the boys had so much fun sliding and jumping. Seth was super brave and went down everything and I did too. It was so much fun.
Another day at gymnastics
Kade said he was so tired he just laid there. I guess He played a little hard the night before at Charlie Safari.
Kade loves his leap pad and loves taking pictures. He was also super excited about the eggs so he had to take some pictures.
Its soccer time again. Seth kept trying to go play. He is going to have some good skills when he starts.
Kade didn't cry going to soccer he was all ready. we had his cleats, socks, and his shirt that had a number on it. he only cried at the end when he said he was tired. I really like this couch he actually is going to do drills with them and teach them stuff unlike the last one where they just scrimmaged.
Oh my isn't he so cute!
Trying to hold up two fingers
Friday we headed to the Hands on Children's musuem in Olympia. These two are so funny together. I love that they have known each other for their whole life.

We also met up the the Nelson's as well. Going to the museum with other kids is so much fun. We played for 3 hours!

Dale and I took the boys to Mc Donalds after the museum. Seth was so proud of himself for bouncing on this thing.
Happy Birthday Seth! I can't believe you are 2 years old.

Someone likes his car. I'm not sure who likes it more Seth or Kade

We had a super simple party. Ken and Pam came over so did the Johnson's and Nelsons. Us Adults talked and the kids played. They all play great together.

A true smile. Jesse suggested we make a Chocolate Eclair Cake so we did and it was super yummy. There wasn't any left over. 
Seth was super funny Saturday morning and brought his animals into my bed  and pretending to sleep.

Chillin on the couch watching a movie. Kade doesn't snuggle too much so I have to take it when I can get it.

Seth thinks he is so funny jumping off the couch. 

This car is well loved by both. Kade picked out a camping chair (maybe with some hints) and grandma paula got it for Seth. Kade picked out some airplanes for Seth and I think Kade has played with them more. Good thing Seth likes to share most of the time.