Friday, March 29, 2013

Phone pictures from this past week

We got chicks 3 to be exact. Then we gave 3 to Rex for his birthday.

Jill may hate me for it but Mike likes me and so do the kids

Jesse is making a shed. We laid concrete. this shed is going nowhere

We mixed 50 bags of concrete. Jesse mixed i spread, Kade watched a movie and Seth slept. It was very productive.

Kade started gymnastics a couple weeks ago.

He is enjoying it

He loves the bar! 

This little one is a picky eater. He doesn't like meat! So annoying. 

One day Kade was kind of bored so I did one of the things I pinned. baking soda  in a 9x13. Then vinegar in ice cube trays and I died it. He really enjoyed this and was there for about an hour.

Holding the chicks, this one is Embree

Seth wanted in on the action he was attacking Bostyn. The little brown one is named Brownie

I vacuumed under the couch pillows and the boys played. 

This is our cute rabbit named Gunner. Not sure if its a boy or girl yet, we still need to check. Everyone loves him, especially the neighborhood kids, they ask to come hold him all they time

We started our garden and its Kade's job to water the  seeds

Its warming up so he is back on his bike. Its actually too small for him now.

Love this little boy

One day last week I didn't feel good at all. As I hung out on the couch Kade found his stickers.

Then that same sick day I laid on the floor by the playroom and these two played for awhile up there.

Then I got better and we are enjoying the sunshine. Seth loves this bike and Kade has been great at sharing it.

We've been playing at the pool every Tuesday its so much fun. Here are some of the Heckert kids. My kids love them.

More gymnastics

Kade is loving the water more and more each time we go

Kade has been having a lot of fun playing games. This past week I found Candyland at goodwill and picked it up. Its almost brand new and Kade loves it. We get to play while Seth naps.

Phone pictures from SLO

Seth with his buddy Cameron. They are so cute together

Kade being silly

Saggy bottom. Seth loves the trains

A few older pictures. On the plane ride to CA. The boys really into the flight safety booklet

Making really sour orange juice at GG's

Playing at grandpa Hank's

We had some beautiful sunsets

We played at the park a ton while in CA

Seth was crazy this night. he kept trying to get my computer. Look at that little face.

While in CA we hung out with the Power's for a day and Julia took it upon herself to feed Seth.

He didn't care at all and was happy to eat

We swung a lot at Grandpa and Grandma's

One morning we went to get cinnamon rolls 

Kade wanted the giant rice crispy treat instead

mmm they were so good

More time at Grandma and Grandpas playing in the tall grass

Scary i know, we drove up the coast to see the elephant seals.

Kade loves to play the piano

We had too much stuff on our way back home so Kade got a new suitcase to help carry some of the stuff. This picutre cracks me up, his face is priceless

He loves his cars suitcase

This boy loves his cars!

long hair + grandma paula = getting his hair done
 We had a great time in CA. I'm so excited its finally warming up here!