Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bubble lawn mower

I love boots. Kade loves boots. He gets to wear them all the time and its great

Jesse got a bubble lawn mower and Kade loves it. It was so cold but the sun was shinning and  Maddie was over visiting so out they went to play.

stopping to smile

Who thinks this looks like my grandpa??? I do. Maybe we should have named him James...good thing its his middle name.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paradise Part 2

We had a great second day in the snow. We didn't sleep that great thanks to Seth, man he is so different then Kade. We got to eat breakfast downstairs in the dinning room. We had to wait for the gate to open again because the roads were super slick. We got up to the mountain and it was beautiful. Seth fell asleep in the car so I stayed with him while Jesse and Kade headed up to the tubing area. It was great I got to relax and read a book and the boys went to play. When Seth woke up we headed up to meet with Jesse and Kade. Overall this was the best weekend we have had in a long time. 100% family time we just relaxed and had fun. I can't wait to go do it again and its so close.
The view out our window

Mt Rainer. It was so beautiful the second day

Someone loved the snow

It was the perfect day

We talked with this family as we were waiting for Jesse and Seth to come down and the ladies tried to show him how to make a snow angel. He wasn't so into it.

I thought this building was cool

Trying to figure out how to crawl in the snow

Happy 4 years to us

headless Kade

Duct tape is the best ever in the snow. Jesse wins points for this!

He was so happy all day well until we had to leave.

Family Time is the best

Jesse and Seth coming down. Nice groomed runs.

Kade just played and played and played. I am still amazed that he loved it so much.

There was so much snow it was awesome.

Kade and I

Up go Jesse and Seth. Seth was so content on the tube


Not sure if Seth could even see but he loved it and  never cried

Kade found a little cave.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Part 1 of Paradise Park

Lunchtime in the car waiting for the gates to open to drive up the mountain

Happy 4 years to us. Yes we spent our anniversary with our kids but later went out to dinner  a week late.
This is Seth spent his time. The tube was a great way to pull him around and he seemed to enjoy it

We had a cold snowy day trying to sled the first day. The runs for the tubes were supposed to be groomed but they had gotten so much snow that we got to help make some runs. It was great having a big tube

We spent a few hours sledding and then we headed down to check into our hotel. Once we were warmed back up we headed outside to play in the snow around the hotel.
Kade kept loosing his gloves. Why is it so hard for kids to get their thumbs into the thumb hole?

Watch out you're going to get hit with a snowball

This tree was huge

I'm still in awe of how much Kade loved the snow. He didn't want to go inside he liked the snow so much.

Climbing in the snow or should I say sinking in the snow.  I'm actually surprised  Seth didn't fall out of the carrier and no he wasn't strapped in.

Kade kept falling

He needed some help getting up

I love these boys

mmm trying out snow for the first time

Yes I do appear in pictures sometimes. Someone dug out this awesome seat for us

The snow was deep

Snowballs were flying for sure

I love this true natural laugh. he is so cute

I thought the moss looked cool

There was this little village like place where the hotel was. And this was the old gas station. 

We stayed at the National Park Inn. We had a small room that had a double bed and a sink in it. The toilets were down the hall and the shower was next door. It was pretty fun even if Seth slept like crap and kept us up a lot.

Isn't he the cutest!