Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me o My

Things have been super busy which I love but maybe I over did it a little.  I had 5 photo shoots 2 weeks ago which means this week I've been infront of the computer editing and getting them ready to give to clients.  I still have 2 more shoots to edit.  I love taking pictures and doing the photography part but man the editing part I would rather not do.  The weather has been wonderful and perfect to be outside taking pictures.

Kade and I spent a lot of time outside the last few weeks which was so nice.  Kade also went along for some of the photo shoots and loved playing in the dirt (top left picture).  He has 4 top teeth coming in.  2 have broken through and the others are working on it...lets just say there has been a lot of whining.  He is also army crawling now and using his forhead to scoot himself around. He has been pretty frustrated and cries a lot but I know this will pass and it has already gotten a lot better now that he is actually moving a little bit.

The best thing about this past week is Jesse came home after being gone for a month. (It was a long month).  He has officially graduated the Special Forces course and is now a 18delta(a medic).  He graduated Thursday and now we are just waiting to hear when and where we move to.  Washington is looking promissing for us right nowYEAH! but nothing is official until he gets his orders which can take up to 90 days(blah). More pictures to come from graduation later.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Templates and story boards

I have been playing around on photoshop and then was looking at the coffee shop blog and came across some great templates and story boards.  I haven't really played around with Kade's 8 month pictures so I played with some today.  I love how happy my little guy is.  Hard to believe he will be 9 months tomorrow.  I guess I need to get my camera out and we need to have a photo shoot.  Any suggestions? Also click here to check out my updated photoblog.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Bike Trainer

I bought one of these today.  Its a trainer for my bike.  I have been annoyed that I can't work out like I want to so I figured this might help me.  My old roommates use them so i figure I can use it.  I just have to set my bike up and should be good to go.  Now I just have to get my tires pumped up and I should be good to go.  The best part is its small and it folds up so it wont drive Jesse crazy.  I wonder what he will think about it when he gets back. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little update

My Valentine's day table runner but has some fun winter colors too I got the pattern from moda bake shop which is a  great resource.  here is a link to it.  I like it because it just used one charm pack which means its pretty cheap and I like that.

This is the Christmas table runner that I made.  Its the first time I had ever made one and I did it with the help of Rebecca.

A certain little man has found the trash can.  I guess it  will soon have to find a new home.

He thinks its pretty cool

Oh yes lets see your find.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Cookbook

Have you heard of this cookbook?  Its great.  My friend introduced it to me and so far I love it.  The great secret about this cookbook is it uses purees in normal recipes.  And right now I am pureeing a lot of food.  Oh and I was thinking about buying the book brand new and then I found it in the thrift store for $2.25!  A great find!  Now I'm off to make mac and cheese with pureed cauliflower.