Monday, July 7, 2014


Okay I love this kid I really do but he drives me absolutely crazy sometimes. He is so cute when he falls asleep in my lap. For some reason he can't just sleep by himself these days.

He can be so cute and happy and smiley.

And he really loves Sally maybe a little too much

He is a goofball and LOVES sugar

And LOVES ice cream

And loves to sing and sing and sing especially in the car and now in the pool.

Okay so the reason for this post is I want to remember today before I forget how ridiculous it was. So Seth was up around 4am and maybe fell asleep about 15 minutes then he was wide awake. He wouldn't go back to sleep. Finally I realized about 5:30 he never ate dinner because he had just eaten ice cream and cupcakes and wouldn't eat dinner. So we had a great breakfast at 5:30am of eggs, blueberries, and bagels. It was really good. Then i decided i need to go back to bed if I wanted to sleep so i put a movie on for him and we laid in bed, Jesse was asleep on the couch. So I fell asleep and Seth played with cars and watched Thomas. Then Seth walked out and I guess I was really asleep and I have no idea what time it all happened but Jesse went for a run and when Jesse came back Seth wasn't home. ummm oops. Kade thought Seth was We both go running out the door and I called over to Ken's thankfully Seth was at Ken's enjoying his chocolate milk and watching cartoons. I'm grateful he doesn't go far! Man my heart was racing for a bit. So later this morning Jesse asked me why the keys were on the milk box. Why were they there? Not sure what on earth Seth was doing... gotta watch this kid better I guess. I really do love this silly kid and I'm very grateful he is taking a great nap now.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014