Saturday, February 27, 2016

The last few weeks.

So I tried to update last weekend but it wouldn't load so lets try again. 
Here is my cute valentine.

For 100's day Kade got to dress like he would look when he is 100. He picked out his glasses and cane and hat. I love the 100 yen store its 100 times better then the dollar store.

We also had fun making it extra special and cut his hair! 

He had way fun at school and got to hobble around and act old

For preschool we made kites for the letter K but they didn't really fly. but they still look really pretty. 

Then we hopped around the playground looking for the letter K for kangaroo

I got a kit from the 100 yen store and it flew better than i expected

I hosted a Japanese cooking class we do with women from church and we made Healthy Nabe. It was so good and so full of vegetables. It was fun to learn how to make food with local vegetables that I would probably never use otherwise. You cut up everything and then make a broth and then set it on the burner and you sit around the table and put stuff in the pot and then pull it out and eat. Wow so good!

Just a little bit of a mess? We made a big mess to then clean and organize the rest of the room

Kade wanted to make something last Sunday so we made a cake. 

Monday we went to the Shisa park and we stayed a lot longer than I thought. 

There were only 2 slides at the park but it was fun and the kids were really creative and came up with games to play.

Tried the Sakura(cherry blossom) strawberry frap. It was really good and I am hoping this isn't want gave me food poisoning. These drinks are only here for the cherry blossom season. 

Kade came down dressed like idea what he is trying to look like. He and Seth are always dressing up.  GG he really likes his Garfield pen. 

Thursday was a hard day I guess. Seth came in and fell asleep on the couch which never happens. Jack kept trying to cuddle with Seth it was cute. 

Jack can't be left out!

Friday Kade participated in the ABC's of Black History performance with his class. It was really cute and he did a really good job. 

I took advantage of Jesse being home and stayed in bed. Jack came and brought this toy in. He loves this toy more than anything else. Its probably the only toy he plays with on a regular basis. 

I mean its just so exciting

After dropping Jesse off at the airport we headed to a new park. This one had a great roller slide. Not sure how i made it look like the park was empty but there were a ton of Japanese kids there. 

The roller slide when over the water and then to get back you had to walk across the rocks to the other side

My monkey

I just thought the detail of the roller slide was fun.

oh man i love this face

Trying to figure out how to climb on this thing.

A view of the park. It was fun one. 

My 3 handsome boys happy after church. Today went really well and Jack spent almost the whole time in nursery today. He is a month early but now that I'm in the presidency we are trying to let him go in early so its a bit easier. Thanks to our friend Jon who took him in and stayed and played with him. Pretty sure Jack thinks Jon is his other dad!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

More Preschool and Kakazu Memorial and park

Okay I just updated a bit so this is the third new blog post so make sure to scroll back.
Making homemade ice cream

running and jumping around the basketball court to shake our bags

enjoying some ice cream in the sunshine

turned out great

One Saturday morning we went out to breakfast to celebrate being on island a year. We went to Kupukupu and it was good.

the kids had a place to play and watch a show

And their food came in a space shuttle

pancakes, sausage, french fries, and a little onion ball thing that was fried. 

my super yummy french pancakes with whip cream and ice cream

Jesse's dinner was good too

Then we walked along the sea wall

so proud of himself for walking on the ledge

Jesse and Kade worked on the rocket car

we went up to Mt Yae and saw the Cherry blossoms

and played at a park

the blossoms are so pretty

getting ready to launch the car

It worked

I have a feeling he is going to be the family clown

Have I mentioned that he is always on top of the table! its exhausting

new hang out spot

Preschool learning about the letter J. Also learning how to use scissors and cut.

counting and graphing jelly beans

I made a passport holder that can hold all of our passports.

Now we are ready to go!! Germany we are ready for you

Homemade waffles, and whip cream with fresh strawberries for our valentines eve breakfast. Church is at 9  on Valentines day so we did it the day before.

We checked out Kakazu Park and memorial yesterday. The kids had fun at the park and then we got to explore some war sites. A lot of people died in this area.

An entrance to one of the Japanese tunnels where military and locals hid out

This is the memorial to those who died. you could walk up to the top and get a great view of the city around it

Checking out the inside. 

Man I love Jack's hair in this picture

just a random thing to climb at the park

Sometimes he is a little too brave at the park

A wall of one of the houses in the area with bullet holes. Jack was checking them out. 

and we ended the park adventure with drinks from the vending machine. The boys got weird Jello drinks and we tried Yodel. It wasn't my favorite but wasn't the worst.

We had a date night with the Lum's and went rock climbing at the gym

Then we went out to sushi and it was really yummy but the service was really slow. But look at all that food that Jesse ordered!