Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here I am in all my glory at 36 weeks.
Now this picture is for Jen and Kerry. See the swim suit started with Kerry, then she sent it to Jen to use since it had stretched out and then passed it on to me. Its been great for swim lessons and a little swimming that I'm supposed to do.And and this post wouldn't be complete unless I posted a picture of Jen at 39 weeks in the same suit =) (Hope you don't mind Jen)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Day Today

Today was a busy day. I went and took pictures at the Fayetteville Rose Garden. Its a silly garden right on a buys corner with lots of cars and people not very peaceful but the roses were pretty.
I was supposed to take pictures of a mom and her 2 daughters. Well the oldest daughter who is 7 didn't want anything to do with taking pictures so I got to take pictures of the 5 year old. She is so cute and we had some fun. It was windy and super bright and I realized I hadn't taken pictures in the bright sun for a long time so that was a fun new challenge. I'll add more pictures to the photo blog in the next couple days

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

H Family Photo Shoot

This evening I took pictures of the H family. Another military family with their dad/husband about to deploy for a few months. They are so cute! Check out the photo blog for other pictures

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring! Almost 35 weeks

Here is a pretty rose from one of the bushes in my backyard. I kind of forget we have rose bushes because they blend into the fence but I was able to cut them back a little this year in hopes that they would look better this year. I think they are pretty. I was however annoyed this morning when I was sitting watching the chickens and looked up to see a squirrel running across the fence with something bright red in its mouth. Then I realized it was one of my roses. Yep looked at the plants and there was a whole flower missing. And then I looked at my morning glories and found the dirt thrown everywhere and some of my plants dug up. See the poor plant on the right it used to look healthy until that stupid squirrel. I am getting sick and tired of that squirrel. If I knew where the bb gun was and had a good eye that squirrel would be a goner. Its spring time and my garden is growing!!! Last year my garden was not very successful but by the looks of it I'm doing okay this year. My peas, beans and zucchini plant have really taken off and I have a cucumber plant down there that is coming up.
Below here is my almost 35 week picture. I'm not a huge fan of having to take pictures of myself but with Jesse gone it will have to resort self pictures

So I saw a newsboy cap on this blog and thought i would try to make one. This is how it turned out. I think its pretty darn good for a first time hat. Thanks Bella for being my model even if its a little big.Here is the cap on the table. Its made out of a mans sports coat.
I used my panda as my first model before Bella and her family came over to look at the chickens.
Now on to the chickens. I know they are in the background but do you see how huge those white ones are! I mean they are HUGE. I love the little red ones I think they are still cute.
The FAT white chicks...have I mentioned that they are only about a month old, well maybe a month and a few weeks.
Another sewing project I did this week was a camera strap cover. I saw it on It was super easy and I like the orange fabric I found.
And last night Jill showed me how to make shoes for kids that are just starting to walk and I made these this morning. It is strange not having Jesse around and then I didn't go to church until 1:00 because I now have a calling in the family ward as a primary teacher. I get to teach the 9 year olds and it was pretty fun. I was able to get these shoes done in a few hours I'm sure it will be faster the next time I make them because they are super easy.
Now onto more sewing projects. Jill and I have been frequent customers at Joanne's. The best thing about that store is you can always use a coupon and things are always sales. Its wonderful I just wish they had more boy fabric but I think that is the life of sewing. I think I will try to make another pair of shoes.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Love this girl

A photo shoot with ChloeYesterday I went to the beautiful botanical gardens with Chloe. We had a ton of fun. There are more cute pictures on my photo blog. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A nice Sunday spring walk

We went on another Sunday walk and this might be the last one for awhile seeing how Jesse is about to leave and then the baby will be here. We went to the Cape Fear River trail and it was so pretty. Last time we were both here it was the end of fall and everything was dead. I LOVE how everything is green now and the weather is just perfect that you can enjoy being outside. The bugs are just starting to come out...I'm not excited for them but such is life over here. I love our Sunday walks especially when its so beautiful.I had a little fun with my camera this afternoon and took some pictures of some pretty flowers. I was trying to use my macro setting on my new lens and was having fun. I think they came out pretty good. A dandelion. I hope to play around in photoshop with some of these pictures. Oh and its getting hard to squat and then stand back up....not fun.
Had to make sure I got one last picture of Jess before he leaves for a month. (He is going to Richmond, VA to do rounds in a hospital)
Of course it just wouldn't be right to not get a picture of me getting FAT. I figured this was a better time than waiting until 10 at night to get pictures for the family. I think I need one of Jesse and I but we'll see if that happens before he leaves.
Oh yeah I'm almost 34 weeks. Time is going by fast but let me tell you I've been feeling it these past few days. I'm ever so grateful that I get to be in the water teaching lessons for work. On the weekends I can really feel the weight of the baby. When I'm in the water its wonderfully light.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And it just keeps growing

33 Weeks 49 more days
Since Jen kind of mentioned that she wanted more pictures I thought I would post a few more. We always end up taking pictures at like 10pm but I'm sure I look the same in the morning and late at night. Maybe i should look nice for one of these pictures. Here I am getting bigger thats for sure. Yesterday little guy attacked my insides while I was swimming. Man it hurt. Everything else seems to be going good just lack of sleep and lots and lots of getting up during the middle of the night. Can you believe it 49 more days and this little guy comes out!

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Home

Happy Easter!! Yesterday we had a relaxing day. We got up and made cinnamon rolls. Well we decided to call them cinnamon pie patties because they were huge and made a ton. I guess we need to perfect our recipe a little. So here is one pan of rolls: While we were cooking cinnamon rolls we were watching the chicks an commenting on how they need a bigger box. Both of them were on the cardboard box until I said look I bet she is going to try and jump over onto the tote and then she did just that: Oh that is Fried over there on the tote.
We watched them for awhile and Fried decided to fly/jump back over to the box and I caught him mid air. We were amazed that he didn't take out the other chick when he flew back.Well after this we decided that the chicken coop needed to be finished. Jesse had started it Saturday. We got a bunch of free 2x4's from my boss so up went the chicken coop. We decided yesterday that if our chickens were going to stay safe we had to finish the coop. So before conference we were able to get it done. Jesse thinks it looks trashy but I think it looks fine for the chickens in the back yard. Plus it was wall free

we boarded it all up for now so its acting like a big box and stuck in on the patio for now. In a few weeks we will add some chicken wire around the bottom and open their door so they can go out to the grass. Oh and it will be moved off the patio thats for sure. Below is the side view of the coop. I think Jesse did a great job and constructing the coop. Now all the chicks should stay in their home.
Sorry to have posted so much about the chickens recently but thats whats going on in our life.

Friday, April 2, 2010


The other day the chickens made me mad so i put them outside. They keep knocking over their water dish and then I have to clean out the entire box. I'm getting sick of it. I decided they needed to spend some time outside so I put the chicken wire up and out they went.They seemed to like it okay but then I think I wore them out
We think the red ones are a lot cuter than the white ones but thats because the red ones are still small and they are a lot friendlier. The yellow/white ones are getting fat. Today Jesse found one of the red ones perched on top of the card board box so tomorrow we are making the chicken coop.
These chicks are lucky we got them before this baby comes because I don't think I would have the patience to clean up after them with a baby. I figure once they get outside things will be easier, I guess we shall see