Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tokashiki Island from the cell phone

Tokashiki Island is one place I have wanted to go since we got here. We tried to go last year but a storm stopped the ferries so we weren't able to. This year I booked it a few months out and we went for Spring Break with the Parks family. It was hard not to be in the states with Jesse and family but a 70 minute boat ride was much easier than a 14+ hour flight home. 
The kids on the ferry

Trying to see if we see anything cool. No whales. 

This is the awesome playground right next to the cabins. It was great for the big kids not so great for Jack and Callen but they both had fun

The cabin was small but it worked. The little Japanese style table was great for the kids

Kitchenette and bunk beds. Seth slept on the top bunk

The first beach we checked out was Aharen Beach. There are really only 2 easily accessible beaches to get to. This was beautiful.

This is a view from the parking lot. Now i have a goal to make it to the other islands you can see.

Kade sure does love the water and he looks so good like this

The water was still a little cold but the kids still got in and had a great time digging in the sand.

We were just sitting there and then all of a sudden all these tourists came and just stood there fro 15 minutes and then eventually walked up and down the beach. 

Everynight we got the kids to bed about 8/8:30 and then lights were out so Emily and I read. We both finished our books this trip. We also took the twin air mattresses and slept great. 

Panaramic view of the Aharen area. The cabins were up on this hill so it had a great view when driving up. Did I mention we had great weather too?

Here is a picture of our little cabin. Small but it did just the job.

love all the flowers around here

We had to walk a little ways to get to Aharen beach and we loved how the kids looked carrying all the gear to the beach. They were all great helpers. And yes the streets are small and narrow. 

Seth, Ainsley and I worked on finding coral to spell Tokashiki so we could remember our time there

For 2 year olds these two play amazingly together. 

We kept our meals super simple and ate burritos one night, went out to eat one night and then had hot dogs the 3rd night. We went to a place called the Octopus' Garden and they had great food and were so nice. I ordered the above and had no clue what i was getting. Well it turned out to be AMAZING. Fresh tuna with the best avocado and tomato and the dressing was so good. I want to go back just to eat this. 

We all squeezed into the cube which was fun, maybe not so fun for the kids who had to sit with all the beach stuff. 

This is Tokoshiku beach which was probably my favorite over the two.  

This is the bay where you can see turtles but there weren't any out while we were there. We also pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves. 

Callen having a hard day. and I was trying to distract him by taking his picture. 

Trying to take a jumping picture with 3 kids is hilarious. Thanks Erin!

2 of the 3 off the ground i'm going to count that for the win

These boys had so much fun at the beach and look at the water its simply amazing!!

We do exist

The vegetation, sand and amazing blue water make me so happy

One of the evenings we had everyone washed and turned on a movie for them to just chill. It was needed after a few days at the beach and park

We look amazing when we go to the beach. This was the last day and the plan was to not get really wet......

This is not posed they were all lined up throwing rocks

Its funny how they pair themselves off and play. Middles on the left, littles in the middle and bigs on the right. Baby girl is going to be left out. 

Waiting to board the ferry.

Why not eat some ice cream while we wait

We had a wonderful and relaxing time there. 3 days was perfect even though i could have done a few more. The kids all had a great time. Now we will have to take Jesse back.


Paula Farrar said...

wow no spill ice cream, what a great idea, I would have loved going there, what a fantastic place! It's funny, when you see Jack from behind he looks so much like Seth do only a few short years ago!

Kade is really sporting the sunglasses!!

Erin said...

So proud of the jump shots! Looks like a beautiful place! Making me jealous!