Wednesday, May 3, 2017

First of the year a few months late

Oh man here i was thinking I was somewhat on top of keeping the blog updated. Its now May and I haven't done January.
Christmas Morning. We got back from Thailand 2 days before Christmas and that was nice. We had a nice simple low key Christmas since we had an awesome trip. I love how the boys are so excited over a simple toothbrush
Motubu park is one of our favorites. We can spend hours at this park. The boys like to hide out and play in the dome. This day it looked like it was going to poor and guess what it never did. 

Cement slides are always a favorite

and they are trapped!!

After the park we explored the Chinen Castle ruins. There are lots of castle ruins on the island its kind of amazing. 

And the views from the castle are always amazing

We spent the day exploring with the Davis family. There was a trail across the road from the castle that went up to some tombs so we went and checked those out. 

Love these adventurous boys.

And then sometimes you just get tired and sit down and don't want to go anywhere 

Next we went to check out Siefa-Utaki sacred site. Its a world heritage site as well

This rock is pretty popular and lets be honest its pretty cool how it makes this triangle cave. This is us with the Davis family (Colby, Staja, Jex and Treyson). They have become super duper good friends and the boys all get along great. 

The flowers here are always so bright and beautiful. So vibrant and bouganvillas are everywhere on this island I think they are just beautiful.

I think i have mentioned this before but the man hole covers on the ground are always pretty too and so detailed. This one has a full scene on it

Kade keeps asking if we can get a cat or a dog. He is just like his dad and loves animals. We keep telling the boys when we move back to the states we can get something. 

Saw these and thought of my mom.

they can't be too hard to make right?

Anniversary date night and of course we match. Jesse wouldn't change!

Finished the Dr Seuss quilt and it is a favorite because its got a nice soft back. Everyone seems to love it. 

Also finally backed and bound the blanket Erin made for Jack. Its a bit wrinkly in this picture which annoys me

Oh Jack Jack how you are the silliest boy. He comes to join me in bed on a regular basis

He knows he is funny and lives up to that for sure. 

One of our favorite traditions we have had since being in Okinawa is hiking on New Years with the Lum's and Moss', this year the Davis Family joined in too.  We actually hiked the day before since Sunday was New Years Day. This is us at the top of Mt Katsu. Jack did awesome and hiked 85% of the trail. The boys amaze me everyday at what they can do.

Kami and I

He should just be used to me wanting to take pictures, I mean he married a photographer!
This is going down from the top. It was pretty steep but I love how the picture makes it super steep.

Jack just wanted to climb around on all the rocks and play, not so cool when you are so high up on a narrow top. 
Lunch time on the top of Mt Katsuu
What 2 pictures of me and Kami! I am so grateful for her in my life!
The view was so pretty and it was a perfect hiking day
Kami, Dan and I rounding up the troops. 

Oh Kade and his hiking sticks

New Years Eve we had game night with the neighbors

Then the kids did sparklers

And a count down dance party is always a must even when its at 10pm the boys had no idea. We love our neighbors!

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