Wednesday, May 3, 2017

February recap

Another park day. This one had a small simple playground

Emily chatting with all the Japanese kids that were there. 

We got some new games thanks to Uncle Greg's recommendation. This one is called Thats my fish, the boys love it and it is fun with kids or adults only problem its a little small the tiles could be a bit bigger

Stopped by the egg farm again and Jesse and Jack were playing with the monkey

Seth learning how to check the air pressure in the tires and add air

Seriously never a dull moment with this child

Wrestling time. One day we will have a house with nice padded carpet so the boys can wrestle all they want and not get injured.

The couch tends to be the wrestling spot

100's day at school. Kade looks like a tourist...hehe

Another new park to check out. Last time I drove by it was under construction but its done and it was lots of fun. I forgot to take a picture when all the kids were out but there was a Japanese school there when we go there which meant tons of kids. As they were leaving they all came over and started talking to us and it was so overwhelming.

Seth has been going to "preschool" more like 3 hours of enrichment playtime which i'm pretty sure is just playtime and he loves it, and I love the break I get. Its also great because its on base and we carpool with Staja and Jex. For Valentine's day they invited the families to come in and decorate cookies. 

Valentines day date with the Lum's. We went out for sushi and it was so good. I can't wait to go back. 

Jack and a little Japanese boy playing at the beach. 

The weather this year has been so crazy. Super nice one day then raining the next few then hot and cold. You never know what to really expect

The starts of a new quilt. I think this one will be for baby girl. I love the fabric of this quilt because the designer is Vanessa Christenson who was one of my young women leaders. 

This never happens the craft or I should call it crap area is organized and cleaned. It needs a good organization again. 

We watched our friends daughters for the day and somehow the evening ended with Katherine spraying Kade down. 

Lorna, Angela and I have been collecting goods for donation and we go to Chibana flea market in the morning and sell stuff. Its always a bit nuts but fun too.

Out to lunch with the Lum's and Moss' this time to Jam's

Its fun with all these boy they all get a long so great. 

I took this picture so i could get a picture of the carved pineapple bowl.

You order food and then they cook it right in front of you. 

The bathrooms in this place are amazing and have fish tanks in them

And clam shell sinks

Love this family of mine

We've been making waffles on Sunday morning and it makes me miss the Cherry Chubbs so much. I loved our crazy breakfasts. 

One random day the Davis and the boys and I headed up north to play. We first stopped at melody road where the plays a song when you drive on it.  Then we went to find a waterfall but it was closed because its on a guys property so we found a trail and hiked down to the beach.

Always climbing

We did find the waterfall those pictures must be on the real camera. And after playing around the waterfall we found this park after a bit of trouble. It was so much fun and we were the only ones there. 

The kids climbed and played forever. There is a camp ground right next to it so I'm tempted to camp there one day. 

Tuesday Park day at Iha Park

Oh Jack and Callen are the best of buds. 

Seth with all his little girl friends

We walk most mornings to school Jack in the stroller and Seth on his bike. He has definitely out grown his little lightening McQueen

A tired 2 year old

We had a Minon themed birthday party for Seth. I am pretty pleased with these cupcakes

Seth got a snazzy new bike for his birthday. One that is his size. well a little too big but he will grow into it soon enough

We went bowling for his birthday and he had tons of fun with his friends. Someone gave him this toy toilet that you put candy in and water and drink out of the toilet. HE loves it a little too much.

Always cracks me up when Jesse starts to sew. 

Made a stuffed animal hammock. we have a few too many. It only stayed up for a day then it fell and well Jack tried to sit in it so now we have to reinforce it somehow so it stays

Went to the pirate ship park

always loving the zip line

The king is waiting for his diaper change

For Seth's birthday he wanted Sushi so we went to Kami sushi. Funny enough he only ate a little bit.

But they have an awesome dessert birthday treat and brought him a plate full of fruit and ice cream.  They also sang him happy birthday and gave him a tshirt. He was so excited. 

Sometimes the weather is just too nice and I drag my family out to the beach to explore. This beach was fun and we walked around and found treasures

And sadly one last family picture before dad left for a few months. 

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Erin said...

You really are amazing how much you do, pregnant and with 3 children! Love that you are having so many awesome adventures!