Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Lots and lots of legos have been played with and organized now that they are in the living room. 

He matched the wall!

2 year old train!

Always up in a tree

This was a great roller slide it wasn't huge but the kids had a blast going on it over and over and over again

These guys are so cute

Little baby bump! 28 weeks

When you pee on the swing set then you end up having to clean up after yourself! Oh boys boys boys the lessons you have to learn are hard

All these boys are my life! Ready for the Kiddie Disco. They all had a blast

Kade's leprechaun trap. Sadly he didn't catch one but the leprechaun did leave candy.

St Patrick's dinner. We had corned beef sliders which were super good. We also had cucumbers, green jello, and green gatorade. The boys thought it was awesome. 

We found a new park close to home

This one had a fun big kid area

Then a great little kid area

Oh my goodness this picture still makes me laugh. Kade came home with this from school and i couldn't stop laughing. 

He found a binki and no he didn't revert back to it. just looking too big to have a paci 
Pretty much Jack took over Jesse's side of the bed. I started taking pictures every morning to send Jesse

Park day fun of course Seth is at the top

Didn't know Seth even knew how to do the monkey bars and then he went across these and spent the next hours swinging. 

31 weeks

We went to bios on the hill to play around. They have coolest wood play structure. Its like a lincoln log play ground

A friend cut his hair.... gotta love the bangs

so much love

Seriously Jack just think he owns our bed

Had an awesome bunco night. I got 5 buncos this night which is crazy and has never happened and this is Kade's teacher Kim who is awesome and played with us

Always so happy! Seth was mad I wouldn't give him a snack right when he got to church.

We had dinner at the Banta's and they live right up the hill from this beach so we took a evening walk and played on the beach.

He is so funny!

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