Wednesday, May 3, 2017

More January Catch up

Another beautiful hike with the Lum's and Banta's

Love the Lum Family

He is so ridiculous but guess what he is home!

Brooke, Me and Kami

Toby and I exploring a shrine

Jack acting like he is going to be potty trained. Yeah he could care less its annoying

Kade played tball this year. Not going to lie its a bit painful and slow but he seemed to like it.  Thanks Grandma Paula for sending a glove.

The beautiful ocean somewhere sometime

I got a sourdough starter and started making bread. It was turning out pretty good

boys exploring the stream during one of my photo shoots 
Ultrasound of the baby. they always look so weird

Jack loves building with duplos

Well we checked out another park but this one was old and run down but the boys still loved it.  

It had the strangest roller slide I have seen.

I love my climbers

What is this? I'm not even sure besides it looks like part shoe, part hippo and was a slide

So big and adventurous this one.

And Seth is my monkey always finding something to climb on and test the limits. He should be in rock climbing. 

We also went the Urasoe Castle. This one was severely damaged during the bombings of WWII. Its also on Hacksaw Ridge. 

We ended up running into friends at the park which wasn't planned and hiked over to the point on Hacksaw Ridge. 

Had the Park's over for dinner and it was Ainsley's Birthday so we had an excuse to make her a birthday cake. Jesse makes great cheesecakes

Can you believe how many pictures Jesse has been in?! He was home for a couple months which was so nice. We went and had Ramen at Arashi's its pretty good but maybe a little too much garlic for my taste. 

When you go to get eggs you have to check out the animals and take silly pictures

More baseball pics

I had a photoshoot on the beach and the view was gorgeous

Getting the long ultrasound. Baby Girls foot. This is probably my favorite picture

Profile picture

My ultrasound tech was so nice and let me watch the whole time what she was doing. In the past they alway just have the screen to themselves until the end and then give you a brief view

The boys always love the zip line at parks

Took the boys and a friend to the zoo and children's museum

Went out to lunch with the Lum's and Banta's. It was all you can eat Yakiniku (i think)

I just love the random art work and statues here

After eating a ton we went and ran around the park. 

Since Jesse was actually home for a good amount of time and I couldn't go diving he started deep sea fishing and loved it. This trip was especially good and they caught a ton of fish and all worked together to pull this Marlin up. We had a freezer full of fish and gave it away and still have tons. Fresh fish is so good!

A pictures Jesse sent of his fishing success. Lots and lots of Mahi Mahi and Tuna. 

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