Sunday, April 26, 2009

I made it.

This is my friend Emily she is the one who got me to do the triathlon. This is before we started and I'm not sure what is up with my triple chin going on. It must be how my head was turned.I'm just getting started on the bike ride
Here I come. I enjoyed the bike ride a lot it was so pretty and green with all the fields starting to grow. I think I could have gone faster if I wasn't enjoying it so much =)
Here I am after I finished
Emily on her bike and after 13 miles she is still smiling
Emily just about to finish her run
Can you tell what number I was? This is what happens when you don't put sunscreen on over your marking. Everyone asked about it in church and it was a little embarrassing. Next time I wont forget to put it on before. The only good thing is I now have some color and am not so white.

Well I made it. I'm a little red and a little sore but its done and without training I think it went pretty good. I think my hip flexors hurt more than anything and I have been having problems with them for awhile so I think its about time to go get them checked out. Now I'm determined to get on my bike (now that its here and not in Utah) and ride at least once a week and then run after so I don't die on the run in the next race.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wish Me Luck

This Saturday my friend Emily and I will be participating in:

The Riverwood Golf and Athletic Club Triathlon 2009

its a
300 yard swim

14 Mile bike ride
5k run

It shouldn't be too bad I've been swimming and I got on my bike today which Jesse nicely put together while he was home. And running well if I'm too tired I will just walk but I should be able to make it as long as my bladder holds out unlike the Kokopelli last year. I am going to miss Emily and Cathy cheering me on thats for sure and taking sweet to bad I live across the nation =( Hopefully I will get some pics.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We didn't really celebrate Easter this year since I was on a plane flying back to North Carolina and Jesse was at training so while he was home this past weekend I decided to celebrate Easter. I got him an Easter basket (you really save money buying things the week after) and I really wanted to dye Easter eggs so I bought stuff to do that so Sunday afternoon we died Easter eggs. Then for dinner we made egg salad...mmmm it was good. But I now have enough egg salad to last me the next week and maybe even longer.I tried to write our names and the year on the egg but you can't really see it

We only dyed 12 eggs because I did not need more than that sitting in my fridge but I wish we could have dyed more.
Here is a picture of my beans coming up. Yeah my garden is growing!! This is a picture of the garden last week so everything is a little bigger now.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trip Part 2 (another long blog)

Jackson Hole
It was a great time we had so much fun playing around in the stores.
Lots and Lots of Elk horns
Wow look at my little sister...what a poser. We had fun with the dead animals.
Even Dad got in on the fun. I love this picture!
Yes this is a real bison.
Erin and Hailey playing around trying on hats
Mom joined in too but tried to take her hat off to soon. I think it was a horse hat.We found Big Foot
We were sitting in the hotel room after coming back from Jackson Hole and I thought it would be fun to go take some pictures of ducks along the river. Well when we got outside this is what we saw. The Idaho Falls Temple looked so beautiful! I'm a little mad that my lens got water drops on it and it looks like something else was on it too...grrrr. Hopefully photoshop will help!
There were also a lot of ducks around too and I just really like the color of these. If you click on the picture you can see the bright blue on the hen.
Another view of the temple. I love the contrast of the colors.
It was just so pretty yesterday!

Quick Utah and Idaho Trip

This past weekend was very very busy and lots of fun. I left early Thursday morning to fly to Utah to see my friends and take some graduation pictures since i will not make it to mine. I also mailed my bike to myself which I'm very excited about seeing how I'm going to do a triathlon in 2 weeks.

Cathy, Emily and I went out for frozen yogurt which is something we like to do a lot and I miss it a lot. I haven't found a frozen yogurt place out here.
I decided to take a few pictures of me in a cap and gown in front of UVU since I will graduate May 1st but I am not taking another trip for that. I figure my wedding was my big thing this year and Erin and Hailey can both celebrate their graduations. Yes my parents have 3 graduates this year!
Erin's graduation was fun. Elder Neil L. Anderson the new apostle spoke at her big graduation and then he was at her graduation too (the one where she walked for her major) she was super excited for that. I would be too she got to shake his hand and too bad I didn't get a picture of that. (You can't tell she was happy can you?)
Saturday we took off and went to Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton National Park. I was super excited to go because I think its so pretty up there even if its still covered in snow and only a small part of the park is open. We had a few snowball fights.
On our drive up we passed this huge lake that was totaly frozen over. I don't think I have ever seen an entire lake frozen over and this lake was huge. This picture is only a small portion of the lake.
One of my favorite parts about going to the Grand Teton's was we got to see a Moose and her baby. I'm not sure why I love moose so much but I think ever since I went to Yellowstone with Emily Avery a few years back I have always wanted to see one and this weekend I got to see 2 even if they were far away it was still very exciting. We also saw a ton of Elk but no Bison.I think the Teton's are so beautiful and I want to hike them one day. Hopefully sooner than later.Here is a picture of my grandma sporting my brother's sun glasses. This was her first time in the Grand Teton National Park too.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Bird Nest

So I opened the back door the other day and saw a bird fly away didn't think much of it until I looked up and then saw this:I'm not sure what to think about it especially since there is toilet paper hanging from it. I can't really move it because I don't want to kill the babies or scare the mom from coming back to her nest. I will like this bird as long as she doesn't eat my garden.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Yard Work

Here are some plants I got to plant around the pond. I didn't plant the big plant just the little ones and I'm hoping they will grow and spread out a little bit. Its been so great to get outside and work in the yard.

Today I spent some time in the yard and it was great minus all the pollen that was in the air. There was a yellow haze in the air today and this is the mess that it left on my front porch. After watering I hosed down the front door and porch and then had to dust all the yellow pollen out of my house.I decided to make a square foot garden this year with some help from my friend Jill. Today I made the planter and added the soil, watered and now it is ready to plant tomorrow. I'm really excited about my garden and I hope it does well.
Yesterday for my porch I bought some colorful pots along with a doormat. I got a great deal on some flowers that were almost dead but I think I will be able to revive them.Oh and this is the front planter box. I want a picture of the before and then after my flowers come up and I find something to make a border around the planter box.