Saturday, September 2, 2017

Kade's Birthday

Do you know whats amazing???? Jesse being home!

New beaches are fun to find and there are so many here. 

I was able to sit back and read while the boys played

Jack was trying to decide if he was tired or not. 

This is Ginowan park it was okay nothing too exciting but there were a ton of kids. 

I saw an add for 50% off of jiu jitsu and the boys have been wrestling a lot so I figured it would be fun to sign the boys up. SO there is their first day. and they are loving it. 

Who signs their kid up for something new right before they have a baby???

Lorna wanted to tie dye so of course we joined in and it was so much fun. The boys made awesome shirts and then we did a huge sheet.

So baby girl was being a bit difficult and we almost got admitted early. We did a stress test and then her heart rate dropped which wasn't cool. then they walked us down the hall and almost induced me. We weren't really ready too much to do over the weekend. Well it turns out we were able to go home. 

I was glad to go home because ladies from bunco/wives from the team were throwing me a little shower and we went out to breakfast. It was so good. 

And we also had Kade's birthday. This is Mrs Martin and she is the best 1st grade teacher. We love her to pieces.  Also Lorna is the best because she helped Kade make cupcakes to take to school since we were stuck at the hospital

Kade chose to eat at McDonalds for his birthday lunch. We celebrated the day before since his birthday was on a sunday and mothers day. 

Birthday morning opening presents

We created a treasure hunt for him to go on to find his present.

For the last 6 months all he wanted was a lego train set. Since that was all he wanted we caved and got it for him and he was in heaven. 

Jesse made an amazing caked and we had the Ellis' come over to celebrate with us

Mothers day with these handsome dudes.

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