Saturday, September 2, 2017

Beginning of May

Not sure why I still try to keep up on this blog. I guess its more of a journal so i know where to put pictures when i start scrapbooking one day. 
Hit a random beach up by Torii one afternoon with the Nelsons. 

It was the perfect evening

A new park up by Hansen. It was a pretty good one. 

I love how they shared the swing

My scrap quilt is done!! Jesse's Aunt Marianne finished it off for me. I sent it to her to quilt and she added a border and the binding. Its my favorite quilt so far. 

Seth was complaining about his eyes so we had them checked. He was fine. 

Seth loved his little preschool program and they had a end of the year carnival. Facepainting and bounce houses. 

Jack played in this sand finding treasures for an hour

Best buddies, this is Seth's best friend Jex. 

Headed to mermaids grotto with the Rigby's for some fun

Jack is a fan of the water

I love it up here its so pretty

These two are either getting along great or they are fighting. 

Boys trying to catch fish with buckets.... they weren't very successful but they had a ton of fun.

You know its a good beach day when Jack passes out in the car.

Pregnant! Close to the end with 4 weeks to go. so what that makes me 36 weeks

This stinker joins me in bed way to often. at least he doesn't wake me up anymore

So we went to this park just to see all the  Koinobori. They fly during children's week. These fish were fun because they were decorated by kids in the local area. 

Lorna is the best neighbor in the world and she tagged along on a photo shoot and was having a bit too much fun. 

I decided to put my new quilt on our bed and I love it. Its made from fabric from so many fabrics that come from other projects. Jack also loves to find different things on the quilt so its kind of become an eye spy quilt.

Had dinner with the Parks on Sunday evening and then walked the north sea wall up the river to see the Koinobori's flying

Jack and Callen were so excited and kept jumping up and down pointing at the flags

Kade loves Jon. Jon is like the super fun uncle! Grateful he is willing to wrestle and put up with my boys when Jesse is gone. 


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