Saturday, September 2, 2017

First couple weeks home

Having a newborn is always an adjustment. Its never fun to be loosing sleep but then towards the end of pregnancy you don't sleep very well anyways. Ada is swimming in newborn clothes.  
Love this little girl

Bathtime at home and she looks soooo tiny in Jesse's arms

Not sure what is going on

Grandma Kathy made her a nice soft hooded towel

Kade not so sure about holding Ada

Jack thinks she is great

so its upside down and I'm too lazy to flip it but look Mona is bigger than Ada

Because Ada is in premie clothes and we didn't have any and the bx carries like 2 outfits Lorna busted out this cute little dress. 

ahhh she is just so tiny

One of Ada's first outings was to the kin splash pad. 

Its actually pretty easy to get out and let the boys play and burn off energy. 

Oh these two fighting and getting in trouble. they have to put their nose on the wall and don't like it very much

the boy gang and sammy cat 

We also made it to Torii pool a couple of times before it got too hot

We pretty much had the place to ourselves

After church picture

itty bitty

Since Jesse had some time off and didn't have to go in we went down south to the Peace Prayer Memorial Park. There is an awesome park down there. 

These are bullets and what not from WW2

We sure do love this little lady

She loves to sleep on my chest with her legs all squished up

they were driving me crazy so i got out the paints and it was great. 


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bjahlstrom said...

Jamie! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I am so happy for you guys. Your boys are so big and your family is lovely. We are welcoming our fourth boy in February! Wish us luck!