Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ada's birth

Guess its time to write about Ada's birth. So we went in Monday afternoon for an ultrasound with the specialist because baby girl was measuring so small. Well sure enough she was still tiny and there wasn't very much fluid and all the fluid was in one quadrant wasn't very good. Its a good things our bags were packed and all the boys had places to stay because we were admitted into labor and delivery. It was kind of a long afternoon because we did a lot of sitting and waiting and those hospital beds aren't comfortable and I had to be hooked up to the monitors which are annoying. 
Not much was going on so they did the folley bulb or whatever its called and that got contractions going a bit. Then after awhile they started pitocin. I got something to help me sleep a bit which was super nice because I was so tired. So the upped the pitocin and things started to slowly move a long but not too much. finally I was like lets get this baby moving and out, i had midwife Hernandez who was great. She asked me if i wanted to break my water and I was like yes and then it just broke on its own. Now in the past Seth and Jack came out right after my water breaks so i told them that. Funny because when my water broke i was freaking out a little because no one was in the room. But little girl was a little bit slower than the boys. 
I also wasn't totally effaced which was a problem so they told me not to push but contractions were strong. oh and after every contraction her heart rate would drop so I would have to rotate sides which is really not easy. and they made me go on oxygen which i tried to fight. well after a few good strong contractions I felt her drop and well out she came. 

those oxygen masks are not comfortable or maybe my nose was just too big

We welcomed little itty bitty Ada Renee at 4:47am weighing a whole 4lbs 15 ounces and 18 inches long. She was half the size of Jack and Kade and totally perfect. 

She was healthy and looked so good. Because she was so small they had to check her sugar levels all the time. Poor little thing. She never had to go to the NICU and ended up being our shortest hospital stay!

Already has dad wrapped around her finger. 

Amazing how she was 2 weeks early and really measured the size of a 34 week old in womb but she was totally developed and nothing was wrong. She has super long fingers and feet and toes. and the cutest little features

skin time but lets be honest look at all that hair!! 

She doesn't look that small in pictures

until i take a picture next to my hand. Then i'm kind of in shock. 

This is Dr Lee and corps man Gatto. They are the kids pediatrician and he was also my Dr and we love  them. They are the best. Dr Lee is so kind and really takes care of us. 

First family picture! all squished in there. 

I like to say this is Seth's baby because he loves her the most. He was the only one who wanted to hold her and then he just sat there for about an hour holding her and then started to close his eyes with her. They were so sweet.

Look at this face!

Still so excited to hold his sister. 

So this is the picture that makes me realize how small she is! kind of amazing that she even fit in her seat. She had to do a car set test where she sat in her seat for an hour hooked up to monitors to make sure it was safe for her to ride in her seat. 

And after only one night in the hospital we were able to leave. 

Here is a view out our window. So pretty and i'm glad we got an ocean view. The staff in the hospital all took great care of us but man we were thankful to get out of there.