Sunday, September 21, 2014

Phone pics end of August and most of September

I didn't mean for this post to be so long but in order to remember things it is. 
from our hike at twin falls. gotta have a selfie every once in awhile

The Seattle Temple on a crystal clear day. I don't think that happens too often

Kade in the back of the temple. The boys still talk about the temple which is so sweet.

Kayaking and scuba diving for Jesse's birthday. The Johnson's joined us for a picnic. Mike took the boys in the kayak to go check on Jesse

These two are going to be so much tanner next summer!! 

Jesse's delicious burger

His chocolate chocolate birthday cake. wasn't as good as my moms but Rex loved it and he doesn't eat chocolate cake, so it was a win

happy 31st birthday!

Another lake day. It wasn't super warm but the kids didn't care. Do you see that little head out there. yep that's kade. I've come to love this little beach it was really shallow so we didn't have to worry about the kids going into the water. Kade swam his heart at and well Seth looks like he is trying to get someone wet with his water gun. We were lucky to go once a week all summer long and even into September.

The Penberthy's invited us to go camping with them but we couldn't so we drove out and met them for smores. The boys have so much fun together

A few pics from ensign ranch. Kade and jesse messing around

boys and their sticks

especially this one he always finds one when we hike.

waiting for their pony ride.

there is always a bit of wrestling that goes on before the boys go to bed. Its so nice when dad is home.

i made a halloween quilt it was hard sewing these triangles and well yeah its done.

the back of the quilt

sally loved the car ride. the cats went and got fixed so we wont have kittens. 

my amazing leggings. Yes they are super bright but so fun

on our way to pick up the kittens we went to the zoo. We hadn't been in awhile and it had been a super long time since we had gone with Jesse so off we went. It was a great day at the zoo all the animals were super active.

i got a new computer and love it. its huge! now i can edit so much easier. and yes i have 3 screens up it only looks a little ridiculous

seth is loving the claw shoes. Thanks Aunt Erin

another day at the lake and Seth, Libby, and Liam were 3 peas in a pod they had so much fun

soccer has begun and its great. What a change from last year where he cried the entire time. Kade's coaches are great and make it so much fun. We are so lucky to have her as a coach this year

Seth has been so patient and good at the games. He almost always falls alseep on the way to practice so he's been really good at those too.

First game he scored 2 goals, 2nd game he scored 1, and 3rd game he scored 5. Its so awesome

We met the Johnson's at titlow park so Mike and Jesse could go diving. Wow it was hard to get a picture of the 4 of these dudes. Can't believe we are adding two more boys to this bunch. Sorry Chloe you are the only girl but you hold your own

Scuba Jesse and Scuba Mike

Then Jill and Mike were super awesome and took our kids to their house so we could go on a date. We ate at Steamers which is a lot like splash cafe and it was really good. We sat outside on the patio and the weather was perfect. So nice to eat a meal without kids and our kids are really good.

This kid totally cracks me up. Even if he asks a million and one questions

its pie season so I made my favorite peach pie. its a cold peach pie and its amazing

we hung out with Cameron and Laurie helping get Laurie's house in order before her husband comes home. They were so cute sitting there watching a show.

dress up has hit our house hard and we just happened to go to the goodwill halloween store and found a few too many outfits but I can't complain its kept the boys super busy. and they are playing so well with each other. We are also totally into star wars

my friends took me out to dinner instead of having a shower which i'm totally fine with. we went to a mexican restaurant around the corner and it was really good. i'm so thankful for all these ladies and their friendships. I will totally miss them.

trying on our halloween costume. all found at goodwill for about $4. Isnt' he a handsome pirate.

We found a hat and hook for Seth too.

We met up with the Johnson's and Katrina and Bostyn at the zoo. It was loads of fun catching up.

Have I mentioned how great our friends our. Anna watched the boys so we could go on a date. We went out to eat indian food which was great and then we went and played mini golf so i could use my coupon. Jesse had to fish his ball out of the pond.

Kade is his father's child and loves to fish, if there aren't too many other distractions. This kid has patience

This one does not have patience but he is getting better. A couple times a week we do preschool at home. Nothing too crazy but fun for the boys. This week we talked about our names and did about me books. the boys had a great time and seth loves to be a part of it

we found the rest of darth kader's outfit. we were missing the top hood piece. Thanks goodwill for coming throug

i'm starting to go through stuff to get rid of and had some shirts sitting in the sewing closet. Found a headband tutorial on line and made a few. super simple to make and its fun to change it up a bit

For national talk like a pirate day we dressed up and went to krispy kreme for free donuts. We got 3 dozen for free since we were each dressed up...thats a little ridiculous but so fun too. We also went with Libby and Jolene.

The boys have been playing super well together. And watching them create and use their imagination is so fun. I think they were hiding from sharks in this picture. Time is going so fast its crazy.

So our Sunday's have become super lazy now. We go to church from 1-4 get home eat a snack and then don't really want dinner so today I just threw somethings together. I made hummus and we ate it with crackers and carrots, i cut up some cheese sticks and then made pao de queijo (cheese bread from Brasil). I also made peach smoothies. We sat on the couch and watched Swim Family Robinson. It was so fun and relaxing.

kade wanted to sit in the tote and eat. (the boys have been playing in these totes since I got them a few days ago)

Seth was so proud of himself for turing on another movie. it was too cute. Even if he did pick the swan princess, he was just pleased he could use the remote

no this is not a pool its my view of my feet/ belly